12th June 2001




Computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, psychologists and economists from more than 15 countries will gather in Lincoln tomorrow (13th June) to take part in a conference led by Finland’s leading scientist and engineer.


Professor Teuvo Kohonen will be the guest of honour at a three-day ‘Workshop on Self-Organising Maps’ at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside’s Lincoln campus from Wednesday 13th June to Friday 15th June.


Self-Organising Maps are ways of discovering patterns and trends in large bodies of information such as the Internet and are based on how our brains learn. Examples of their use include predicting which companies are likely to succeed or fail.


Prof Kohonen is not only widely regarded for his work in his own country but has been awarded honorary degrees by several universities including the University of York.


Members of the public are invited to hear his keynote speech which introduces his latest work on Thursday 14th June at 2pm in the university’s Atrium.


The conference has been jointly organised by the Department of Psychology at ULH and the Department of Engineering and Electronics at UMIST, Manchester.


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