2nd May 2001




Lincoln’s student radio station goes live on air on Tuesday (8th May) promising a different mix of music, interviews, documentaries, drama, comedy, news and sport.


Siren FM (Scholars in Radio Entertainment) will broadcast from the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside to the city of Lincoln and beyond from dawn till dusk at 87.9 FM.


For the first time this year a three-week broadcast stint in May will be followed up in September with seven days to coincide with Freshers’ Week.


“lt’s going to be such an amazing time for those directly involved and for the listeners too,” said Emma Carrick, a final-year Journalism student who is this year’s station manager.


“We hope to corner the market in an area of broadcasting not yet covered in Lincoln by catering for all those young folk out there who want to hear the best up-to-date music that money can buy. The station has weekly play lists of songs from all genres of music, making Siren a little bit special.”

BBC Look North anchor Harry Gration will be on campus on Monday 14th May as guest speaker at the Siren FM fund-raising launch dinner.


Among the highlights this year will be the student soap ‘Glory Days’ (weekdays at 2pm) which will feature the voice talents of BBC newsreaders Sophie Raworth and Tanya Beckett, who appear as themselves in one episode of the comedy drama.


You can find out all about Siren FM and listen to the broadcasts online by visiting the station’s website:



Siren FM was originally launched at Humberside University in 1995. In 1998 the station moved south to establish itself in new facilities at the Lincoln campus of ULH.


For interviews or further information contact Station Manager

Emma Carrick on 07769 586496.

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