18th May 2001

Statement from the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside and De Montfort University


De Montfort University confirms transfer of schools to University of Lincolnshire and Humberside


At a meeting held today De Montfort University’s (DMU) Board of Governors approved the financial requirements for the transfer of both of the university’s schools in Lincolnshire, the School of Agriculture and the School of Art & Design, to the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside (ULH) from August 2001.  It also identified the operational details to be resolved prior to transfer. This follows a previous Board of Governors meeting on 26th April, at which the principle of collaboration was agreed. The transfer now requires the support of the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) the Learning and Skills Councils (LSC).  Both DMU and ULH have already confirmed that the transfer will not affect current students or those beginning their studies this September with DMU; and it is the intention of both universities that there will be no redundancies as a result of a transfer. 


The decision to transfer both Schools to ULH has been taken after a long, open process of review and consultation in Lincolnshire, with staff, students and other members of the community; and is excellent news for education in the county. There is a strong tradition of high quality land-based and art and design education in the county, and the obvious synergy with courses already offered by ULH will ensure that this provision continues to







thrive within Lincolnshire.  The collaboration between the two universities is focused on

the educational needs of students, and will bring together specialist teaching, facilities and resources, to offer students the best possible further and higher education available locally.  Students will also benefit from being part of a larger, united student population.


Staff and students at DMU have been kept informed about the progress of the review throughout, and both universities will be working with their respective student union representatives to ensure that all current and prospective students are aware of the decision.  There will be a continuing process of consultation with DMU staff in Lincolnshire to support them through the transfer, and all jobs will be covered under provisions of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) legislation (TUPE).  All current DMU students and those applying to start their degrees this year will be able to complete their degree in their chosen subject with DMU in Lincolnshire.  Subsequent students applying to either school will study with, and graduate from, the ULH.


Gill Thwaites, DMU Student Union representative for the Lincolnshire schools, commented:  The proposal to transfer DMU’s Lincolnshire schools has the full support of the Student Union.  Students choose to study at DMU’s schools in Lincolnshire because of the specialisms offered and the quality of the education provided. They will benefit from improved facilities and resources, and having the majority of Lincoln’s students belonging to one university will create a more vibrant community, making Lincoln an even more exciting student city.


Professor David Chiddick, Vice Chancellor of ULH, said:  “A successful conclusion to these negotiations will significantly contribute to our plans and establish Lincoln as a vibrant and successful university city.   It is our intention that the schools will retain their





unique identities in the new University of Lincoln as the Lincolnshire School of Agriculture and the Lincoln School of Art & Design.  The transfer will benefit all students in Lincolnshire, with investment planned in facilities for both schools.  It will be essential to work closely with the local Learning and Skills Council over the coming weeks to obtain the necessary approvals before the transfer can take place.”


Professor Philip Tasker, Vice Chancellor of DMU, commented:  “The approval of the transfer of schools to ULH is confirmation of the huge opportunity this represents for further developing education in Lincolnshire, both in teaching and research, by bringing resources, facilities and expertise together.  This decision also supports the ongoing investment and restructuring process at DMU, focusing resources onto a smaller number of campuses and investing heavily in them, to provide an exemplary environment and facilities for all staff and students.  It will allow DMU to further develop its campuses in Leicester and Bedford, where we have already announced investments of £20 million on each site.


“Both DMU and ULH are committed to this proposal and believe that it will benefit not only students in Lincolnshire, by offering them the best range of education possible, but also the local community.  This approach to collaboration is very much in line with Government policy, and we hope that as such will receive the support necessary from HEFCE and the LSC.”



For further information, please contact:


Nick Sandham, DMU Lincoln

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Linda Penrice or Jenny Packwood, DMU press office

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Jez Ashberry, ULH press office

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Email: jashberry@lincoln.ac.uk


Note to editors:

The Faculty of Art and Design at De Montfort University in Leicester, one of the university’s largest and most successful faculties with about 2,000 students, will be unaffected by the transfer and will continue to offer its highly rated courses in a wide range of subjects.  The range of academic subjects offered by the faculty in Leicester is likely to be further broadened over the next year with the introduction of new and exciting courses.