This week saw one of Lincoln’s best known academics and teachers become a Freeman of the Guild of Educators.


Professor Trevor Kerry works at the International Institute for Educational Leadership in the University of Lincoln. He is well known for his books on teaching skills and for research into schools of the future, school calendars, and the roles of support staff in schools. He was recently elected President of the East Midlands Association of Support Staff in Schools.


On February 13th he was installed as a Freeman of the Guild of Educators. Guilds are the traditional City of London trade associations that can trace their origins back to the first Guild to be mentioned – the Guild of Weavers in 1130. Oddly, though an ancient profession, teachers had never had a Guild of their own until an initiative some four years ago to establish such a body.


The Guild held its Inaugural Admission Ceremony in the newly opened Women’s Library at the London Guildhall University, when some 22 men and women were admitted as Freemen of the Guild. The ceremony was conducted by the Foundation Master, Professor Raoul Franklin CBE, formerly Vice Chancellor of the City University, who was first installed as Master of the Guild by Alderman John Stuttart on behalf of the City.


Professor Kerry was also admitted at the same ceremony to be a member of the Court of Assistants, the Guild’s governing body.


‘This is a huge honour,’ said Professor Kerry. ‘I am a Londoner by origin and went to school in the City of London. Aldermen and members of the City’s Guilds and Livery Companies used to be guests at our prize days. But I never imagined I would ever join their ranks. These two appointments will put Lincoln University on a larger national map.’


Nowadays the purposes of the Guilds are largely charitable. The Guild of Educators, once fully established, hopes to operate a charitable fund to support individuals and projects to develop learning and its management. It will provide a forum for those in the forefront of educational thinking, and has already had its Inaugural Lecture which was delivered by Sir William Stubbs of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.