FAO:               Judith O’Reilly

From:               Jez Ashberry

Date:                18th August 2000

Ref:                  Support for students with lower grades


Dear Judith


Please feel free to credit the following comments to Jez Ashberry, spokesman for the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside:


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Part of the mission of the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside is to widen participation in higher education among under-represented groups. HEFCE’s performance indicators published last year showed that we are achieving some success in this area: we performed better than our expected benchmark in nine out of ten indicators relating to participation of under-represented groups.


At the same time the performance indicators also showed that ULH performs better than expected when it comes to retaining students at the end of their first year. A league table in The Times based on the performance indicators (3rd December 1999) ranked ULH 55th out of 100 universities for projected drop-out.


Our figures for student retention and completion are better than average because we take great care to ensure that our students are properly equipped to complete their degree, whether they be school-leavers or mature students without conventional qualifications.


In their first year all our undergraduate students follow the Effective Learning Programme which introduces them to the higher education environment and develops those learning skills essential for success not only at university but also in the labour market. The focus of the ELP is on Information Technology, Working in a Windows Environment, Time Management and Group Presentation Skills.


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Hope this helps. Please call me on 01522 886042 if you need more information.