28th April 1999




A new project designed to establish a learning culture in Hull will be launched in May by staff at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


The Parents and Children Learning Together project will focus on the parents of primary school age youngsters to make them more aware of learning opportunities which will benefit themselves and their children.


The Department of Applied Social Sciences put in a successful bid for funding from the Single Regeneration Budget.


University lecturers Christine Sutcliffe and Joe Waller are the project managers. A Project Officer will be appointed in May to work with local schools and communities.


“Visiting two local schools at first, the project officer will invite parents to join free computer courses run in their communities which will result in real qualifications,” said Christine Sutcliffe. “This may be the first step towards a greater awareness of life-long learning opportunities.”


Other courses identified by parents may be offered and may include child development courses and developing children’s literacy and numeracy courses.


Once the parents complete the course some will go on to train other parents at the school so the project can then move onto other communities.


Through the courses it is hoped parents will understand subtleties of learning processes which will be of benefit to themselves and their children. This is important for the development of a learning culture as parents help their own children prepare for the adult world.


The initiative will build on the Access to Higher Education scheme run by project worker John Knowles, who works with local schools to encourage teenagers to think of university as a real possibility for the future. 


This forms part of a wider initiative run in Hull to contribute to the city’s regeneration, including the Children’s University and the Education Action Zone.




Sam Hendley, Press Officer. Tel: 01522 886042