Island Wharf, February 2000

Draft press statements

[Quotes attributable to Prof Roger King, Vice Chancellor, University of Lincolnshire & Humberside - to be approved]

“The University of Lincolnshire & Humberside is delighted by this decision, which paves the way for a major new university campus to be built in the heart of the city of Hull.


“This institution has committed itself to the long-term future of Hull and has shown faith in the untapped potential of Hull as a major city for the new millennium.


“A completely new campus, providing quality estate in a first-class location, will signal the beginning of a new era for education in Hull. It will also represent a major step towards the dream of establishing Hull as a top ten city.”


- - - - - - -


Any press release should repeat in some form the following details already released:

The Riverside University Campus between the Marina and the Humber estuary in the centre of Hull will secure the university’s long-term future in the city, laying to rest persistent rumours of a wholesale move to Lincoln.


The University of Lincolnshire & Humberside intends to move all its Hull-based academic operations into the new purpose-built campus. The striking designs, featuring a complex of high-quality buildings designed to meet the needs of 3,500 students, will give the university the most up-to-date facilities of any UK university.


It is hoped that the campus will be operational in 2001 and completed by 2003. The university aims to relocate its academic operations in two phases, moving its programmes from Cottingham Road in 2001 and its city-centre activities in 2002.



Riverside University Campus


¨    A visually stunning complex with views onto the Humber and the Hull Marina

¨    ‘University Square’ and a public promenade along the waterfront

¨    Campus operational September 2001, complete mid-2003

¨    Academic facilities for 3,500 students

¨    Residential accommodation for 400 students

¨    Academic buildings comprising lecture theatres, seminar rooms and studios

¨    An exhibition centre and gallery open to the public

¨    A sports and leisure facility

¨    A high-tech business development centre

¨    Opportunity for commercial office and call centre development


Riverside University Campus will:


¨    increase confidence in the city centre

¨    help to raise the aspirations and expectations of the Hull community

¨    act as a driver for regeneration

¨    be sustainable in the long term

¨    attract inward investment to the city

¨    create jobs

¨    secure £80 million of extra spending in the city year on year

¨    encourage students to remain in Hull after graduation

¨    contribute to the cultural and social life of the city centre

¨    promote further links between the city and the university

¨    enhance the provision of city centre facilities for public use

¨    be operational within two years and completed within four years

Jez Ashberry

Press and Media Relations Manager

University of Lincolnshire & Humberside

18th February 2000