A Museum and Exhibition Design student from the Hull School of Architecture has become the first outsider to enjoy behind-the-scenes work experience at Disneyland in Paris.


Third-year Michael Aldridge (22) is now back in the UK after a seven-week placement with Imagineering, the design arm of Disneyland in Paris.


Michael worked in the design studios alongside graphic designers, scenic artists and architects. During his placement he helped to develop concept ideas for new projects within the park and oversaw the installation of ongoing projects.


“I was a bit apprehensive about going to Disneyland for seven weeks, but I had a fantastic time,” said Michael. “The designers work really well together and the speed with which they get jobs done is amazing. The relevance of the experience was fantastic.


“A placement at Disneyland Paris has never been done before - the corporation is usually so secretive that no-one’s been allowed in until now, and all their recruitment is done internally. But my lecturer, Pam Locker, made a contact at a design exhibition and the placement came about from there.”


Pam said Michael had now paved the way for more placements in the future. “Michael gained a valuable insight into how a multinational company like Disney operates and would love to have the opportunity to work there,” she said.


“Judging by the highly complimentary report we received back from Disneyland Paris, he may have a good chance of achieving this dream!