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Pamela Barnes organised a well received one day conference programme for the University Association for Contemporary European Studies held on Friday March 12th 1999 at Kings College in London. The conference was entitled “The European Union as an International Environmental Actor”. The speakers were Clare Coffey (Institute for European Environmental Policy), Dr Michael Grubb (Head of the Energy and Environment Unit of the Royal Institute of International Affairs), Professor Mikael Skou Andersen (University of Aarhus, Denmark), Dr Tony Zito (University of Newcastle) and Dr Jonathan Golub (University of Reading). Their thought provoking papers stimulated lively debate and discussion amongst those who attended. The delegates included an MP from Austria, prospective UK candidates in this summer’s European Parliamentary elections, academics and postgraduate students, lawyers, representatives of industrial and environmental groups, civil servants and environmental consultants.



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US Exchange Programme

News from the US


There are a group of students from the Lincoln and Hull Campuses attending 3 of our partner universities in the state of Pennsylvania in the US. Reports from there show that some of them are managing to combine academic progress with full social lives!


Robin Heason BA (Hons) International Relations has continued his interest in security issues (those of us in Lincoln with fond memories of Robin remember his efforts firing live ammunition!). Robin joined the Model United Nations Club in Juniata during his exchange. Students from different US universities get together and represent individual countries at a simulation of a meeting of the UN Security Council. They meet in different parts of the US and Canada. Robin and his American partner received a special commendation as a result of their work and helped Juniata to a third place out of the 182 universities (including Yale and West Point) which were taking part in the simulation.


Darren Howard BA (Hons) International Relations has been able to improve his guitar playing skills to virtuoso standard! He has been sighted entertaining other students on the Juniata Campus playing in the Campus Coffee Bar Club.


News from Business Studies and Communications Studies students based in Shippensburg University is that the local ski resorts are rather good! Millersville University also won a  “thumbs up” from the International Tourism students who returned to Lincoln when their exchange period finished at Christmas. Amongst the comments made following their studies was that “I did not want to come back!”