12th October 1999




Schoolchildren in Hull are getting help with the three ‘R’s from University of Lincolnshire & Humberside undergraduates who take part in the Student Tutoring Programme.


The student tutors are on a variety of degree programmes at ULH, and the placements with local primary and secondary schools give them valuable work experience as well as delivering numerous benefits to teachers and children.


Co-ordinator Pat Biddick from ULH is currently recruiting and hopes to hit last year’s figure of 60 student tutors.


She hopes to build on the success of the programme in Hull through a parallel initiative in Lincoln where there has been considerable interest from the city’s schools.


Under the scheme, the students work alongside teachers  in the classroom to support curriculum activities, with particular emphasis on literacy and numeracy. They work either with individual pupils needing extra help or with small groups.


Typically, student tutors help out in class for one session per week for one or two terms. “Tutoring by students under the supervision of the teacher can raise levels of achievement in schools,” said Mrs Biddick, a careers adviser at ULH.


“The presence of students in the classroom also helps raise the aspirations and motivation of the children by providing positive role models of post-compulsory education. There are benefits for everyone involved - students, pupils, teachers and the university.”


The Student Tutoring Programme is well established in Hull where last year about 60 students from both universities supported 25 local schools. The scheme benefits from some financial support from Hull City Vision’s Single Regeneration Budget.


Schools involved include Orchard Park, Sir Henry Cooper and Amy Johnson.



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Press Officer

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