19th September 2000




More than a thousand freshers embarking on three or more years of student life this week will have plenty to keep them entertained before the real work begins on Monday.


Freshers’ Week at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside is a chance for new arrivals, many of them leaving home for the first time, to get to know each other in the way students know best.


But the party won’t end on Saturday night - at the Cottingham Road campus a rolling programme of exciting events has been planned for every week of term-time so there will always be something going on.


One of the highlights of Freshers’ Week will be a ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ competition in the Students’ Union bar with a rather special half-time act – a man who swallows swords and then sets fire to himself.


A huge marquee set up on campus houses information stands on all Hull-based sports societies and other SU clubs, the town’s nightclubs  - all giving away free goodies - and local agencies including doctors’ surgeries.


“Freshers’ Week should be the most exciting time of your life,” said Students’ Union president Verity Coyle. “They’ll be meeting loads of new people and having a great time. I always say - do silly things, but do them with enthusiasm.”


Monday night kicked off the events programme with a free coach and entrance to a local nightclub for ticketholders. At the ‘Back to School’ event tonight, (Tuesday) anyone who can dig out a school uniform can get into the Students’ Union for free.


Weekly events launched for term-time:

·        Saturday – ‘Lick It’ club night with top DJs in the Students’ Union

·        Monday – One ticket gains entrance to the Waterfront, coach included

·        Thursday – Same as Monday, with entrance to Lexington Avenue nightclub

·        Friday – Alternative night in the Union (grunge, rock, punk etc)




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