31st August 2000




Do you sometimes wish you had a piece of paper which proves that you can do your job as well as the young university graduate at the next desk?


If so, the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside has a new range of work-based degrees which can help you to achieve a qualification without leaving your full-time job.


“The university now offers degrees in a wide variety of subjects which are based on the learning that has been accomplished through working,” explained George Clark, business development manager at the university’s Faculty of Arts and Technology.


“It gives recognition for the skills and experience gained through working and does not involve the major commitment normally associated with studying for a degree.


The courses, which include Construction Management, Facilities Management, Museum & Exhibition Design, Computing, Applied Business Studies, Design and Social Care, require minimal attendance at university and are ideal for people who missed the opportunity to study for a conventional university degree.


“Work-based learning is a chance for grannies to prove they can suck eggs,” said Mr Clark. “Students following the Work-Based Learning Degree can use projects carried out at work to show they have the skills and knowledge required. Where skills are lacking these can be provided through traditional taught courses, via distance learning or through the virtual campus available via the Internet.”


The courses are paced and are delivered at times and places to suit the individual.


For further details of the Work-Based Learning Degree programme contact Dina Lewis at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside on 01482 463619.

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