4th August 2000




The academic who taught the first ever lesson at Lincoln’s new university campus has returned from a six-month sojourn Down Under.


Adrian Bull, a lecturer in Tourism at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside, has been acting as a visiting Associate Professor of Tourism at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.


As well as conducting some tourism research and taking classes, Adrian was also in Queensland to help the university establish its new Tourism programme.

“We have a formal link-up with four universities in Australia which allows us to undertake student and staff exchanges,” said Adrian, who lived in Australia for several years before returning to his homeland in 1996.

“Before the end of my trip my last task was to travel round those universities in Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne and New South Wales to make sure that our exchange students were all settled in.”

Anyone who envies Adrian the opportunity to spend six months in the sunshine will be surprised by the weather he experienced. “This was my first time back in Australia for four years, and it was very nice apart from the rain - it just poured for weeks!” he said.

“I was splashing to work through the rain every day, past the kangaroos which still live on campus!”

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