17th December 1998



An art student from Seacroft is providing food for thought for her tutors… by using real fish, prawns and even red cabbage in her amazing fashion statements.


Lyndsey Pickersgill, who is studying for an MA in Critical Design and Theory at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside, has just sold a straitjacket made out of fish skins to a Hull film-maker.


She raised eyebrows at her degree show last year by exhibiting a red cabbage corset, and next year she plans to continue in a culinary vein by creating a ballgown made of prawns!


“The fish I used for the straitjacket - mainly salmon and plaice - were donated to me by the traders at Leeds market,” she said. “I sewed the skins together and then dried it out before coating the whole thing with varnish.


“It’s about individual repression and about the fishes’ skin being the outer skin of the person who wears it,” she added.


Lyndsey and her fishy confection feature in a new video which celebrates the 700th anniversary of Hull’s royal charter in 1999. Film-maker Jonathan Levy saw the garment on display in the city and was so taken by it that he handed over a cheque for £500 at the launch of the video to take the straitjacket home.


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