23rd September 1999




Three Journalism students at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside are breaking new ground by taking part in a pioneering scholarship scheme.


Charlotte Richardson, Andrew Morton and Christopher Parker have been chosen as Hull Daily Mail scholars to study for a Journalism degree at the university. The scholarship means a guaranteed job at the Hull Daily Mail for the three after graduation as well as regular work experience and mentoring at the newspaper.


“We believe that this scheme is the first of its kind in the regional press and offers big benefits for the scholars, the newspaper and the university,” said the Mail’s editor, John Meehan.


“The scholars get valuable experience of real journalism at their local daily paper, we get a conveyor belt of good, local recruits and the university gains added credibility for its journalism option, plus an enhanced vocational element to the course.”


Candidates for the scholarship scheme must have been resident in the Hull area for at least ten years and are selected after interviews and work trials on the paper. Two of this year’s scholars are school-leavers while the third - Christopher Parker - has given up a post in social services to pursue his dream of a career in journalism.


“To be able to walk into a job after university is too good to be true, especially when you consider how many would-be trainee reporters there will be looking for positions,” said Christopher. “It’s absolutely fantastic.”


Professor Peter Arnold, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Technology at the university, welcomed the launch of the scheme. “This is an example of the excellent relationships which the university is developing with practitioners in journalism,” he said.


“We’re very hopeful that this scheme will be the first of many such agreements which will benefit both the practitioners and the students. Our journalism programmes in Lincoln are among the most popular that the university offers. Competition for places on the journalism degree is fierce indeed, so these three students are to be congratulated on getting this far.”


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