30th September 1999




New works by the internationally renowned illustrator Ian Pollock will be the highlight of a new season of exhibitions at the EICH Gallery, University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


‘Parables of Christ’ and ‘Miracles of Christ’ are two anarchic and absurd collections deriving their inspiration from stories of the New Testament.


Ian Pollock trained at Manchester Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art and has been freelancing for the last quarter of a century. He works mostly for magazines and newspapers and was recently commissioned to design four postage stamps - ‘Tales of Terror’ - for the Royal Mail which were issued in May 1997 .


“The proposal to hold an exhibition of this private archive began with a brief glimpse of a handful of these images that Ian Pollock revealed at an Association of Illustrators seminar held in Hull in April 1998,” said Kathie Jenkins, curator of the EICH Gallery.


“From this fleeting encounter came the possibility of a millennium exhibition at the gallery. Eight images still had to be tackled to complete the series, and these have been completed during the course of 1998 and spring 1999.”


The exhibition can be seen at the EICH Gallery in George Street from 1st November until 15th January - but if you’d like a preview you can view all the illustrations on the Internet at www.eichgallery.abelgratis.com


Currently on display at the gallery (until 14th October) is ‘Escapes’, an exhibition of paintings, prints and digital images by Denise Wylie. An installation by Gebhard Sengmuller entitled ‘Vinyl Video’ will be on show from 21st to 24th October.


Exhibitions for 2000 include drawings by Alan McGowan (19th January to 12th February) and 100 works selected from the Cheltenham Open Drawing competition (18th February to 16th March).

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