5th August 1999




Our future seems increasingly to be shaped by computers and the rapid growth of the ‘information society’.


If you’d like to find out more about what life will be like in the information age of the 21st century, why not attend a special presentation and workshop to be staged at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside next month?


Chris Yapp of International Computers Ltd (ICL) will lead the event -  ‘Implications of an Information Society’ - which will appeal particularly to those with an interest in lifelong learning and guidance matters.


The presentation on Thursday 16th September will be staged at the Lincoln campus by the Centre for Guidance Studies, a joint initiative between the East Midlands Careers Services and the University of Derby.


Chris Yapp will use the event to discuss the concept of the information society, its educational implications and how it will affect patterns of life, work and learning in the future. The session will also provide an opportunity to reflect on the skills required in the new millennium and the implications of these for career patterns, learning, advice and guidance.


Chris Yapp is an ICL Fellow, a member of several government advisory groups and a contributor to a number of think tanks.


‘Implications of an Information Society’ will be held at the Co-op Lecture Theatre in the main building on the Lincoln campus between 3pm and 5pm on Thursday 16th September. For more information call 01522 886174 or fax 01522 886032 or email rinkley@lincoln.ac.uk.


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