17th March 1999




The chief executive of the Lincolnshire TEC paid a visit to the new premises of the Lincolnshire Business Development Centre (LBDC) at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


David Rossington (pictured left) met the LBDC’s chief executive, Steve Clough, in the organisation’s new suite of offices on the first floor of the university’s main academic building.


Formerly at Welton House, Greetwell Road, the organisation relocated to the university campus last Monday (8th March).


The Lincolnshire Business Development Centre is jointly owned by the university and  by the Lincolnshire TEC and works closely with local organisations to provide support for commerce and industry across the county.


“We see this as a positive move to increase the support we are giving to the small and medium enterprises market,” said Mr Clough. “LBDC is the manifestation of the university and Lincolnshire TEC working closely together to promote good practice in the management of these businesses.


“Now that we’re based at the heart of the university we’ll be able to work much more closely with the faculties and the services that support them.


David Rossington expressed the TEC’s continued support for the university. “We backed the university project from the outset and always recognised the potential of a university campus in a city like Lincoln,” he said. “Now that potential is finally being realised.”


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