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We offer pre-sessional students the opportunity to rent on-campus, self-catering accommodation for the duration of their course. Students can benefit from full access to University facilities during this time, including the Library and on-campus Sports Centre*. Our accommodation is within walking distance of your classes and all local amenities, such as supermarkets. Apartments include weekly visits to undertake cleaning of common areas such as stairwells and entrances, but students are responsible for keeping their own rooms clean.

You can use this form to contact the accommodation team if you require further information:

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Students intending to arrive earlier should contact

*Additional fees may apply. See the Sports Centre website for up to date pricing.

More about Accommodation

Accommodation for Pre-sessional Students

Where can I live during my pre-sessional course?

Students in the Residence Life Team

Where should I stay when studying a pre-sessional course at Lincoln? 

It is strongly advised that you are based in Lincoln for the duration the pre-sessional course. The UK public transport and railway network is expensive and often unreliable, with services regularly cancelled. If journeys involve connecting trains, it can be a problem if bus replacement services are used, with journeys taking longer.  This results in missed connections and students who commute are often late or miss lessons. Unfortunately, missed lessons due to commuting result inunauthorised absences and sometimes Student Visa sponsorship can be removed.


Will I have to share my room?

All accommodation is single occupancy only. You will have your own bedroom and an en-suite bathroom.  The kitchen and living areas are shared. 


Will I have to clean my own room?

Apartments are cleaned weekly in shared areas such as stairwells and entrances. Students are responsible for keeping their own rooms, kitchens and living areas clean.


Does the International College need to know where I am staying?  

In case of emergency, it is important you tell the International College team where you are staying, whether in university or private accommodation. Please tell us if you move location during the pre-sessional course.  Send an email with the details to


Am I guaranteed to be offered accommodation?

An offer of university accommodation is guaranteed for all pre-sessional students who accept their offer by the deadline provided. 


How much does the pre-sessional accommodation cost?

Accommodation Fees:

On-campus PEASS/PELP Course Course Start date Course End Date Fees per week Fees total Arrival from Accommodation Building
Summer 2024 10-Week

Monday 1 July

Friday 6 September £140* £1,400 Friday 28 June St Marks
Summer 2024 5-Week

Monday 5 August

Friday 6 September £140* £700 Friday 2 August St Marks 

* The reduced rate of £140 is a specially-discounted rate for pre-sessional students to support their relocation to Lincoln. Please note that pre-sessional students are strongly recommended to take up university accommodation as in-person attendance is required Monday to Friday.


How do I apply for accommodation?

The application system is now open for students studying on pre-sessional courses in summer 2024.  Please access the Accommodation Booking portal using the Pre-sessional Accommodation Booking link.  Book as soon as possible and before you arrive in Lincoln.  Once booked, the Accommodation Services team will contact you with your room and access details.


How do I find out more about accommodation at the University of Lincoln? 

Please click the link to for more information about Accommodation Information for International Applicants. If you have any questions, please complete the Accommodation Services Query Form or telephone 01522 886 300 and the team will do what they can to support you.

Travelling to Lincoln

How do I get to Lincoln?

An illustration of a person travelling to Lincoln by train

How do I get to Lincoln? 

Taking a train is the easiest option. Take the Piccadilly Underground line to King's Cross Station, before taking a train to Lincoln. It is also possible to take a taxi, but the cost could be several hundred pounds.

Find out more about traveling to Lincoln by air, road or train on the Getting to Lincoln page.