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This degree is an online work-based distance learning programme. 

100% Online Work-Based Distance Learning Programme

The BA (Hons) Business Management programme offers students the opportunity to advance their career through engaging in personal and professional development, with the aim of increasing management competence and enhancing overall employability.

This work-based distance learning programme is designed to provide those working within an appropriate environment, and commonly already holding professional qualifications, the management skills to effectively and efficiently manage their work areas.

The degree draws upon specialised knowledge and skills you have already developed during the course of your employment.

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Why Lincoln?

Gain Chartered Manager Status and a Professional Diploma alongside your Degree.

Our programmes feature integrated Chartered Manager Status (CMI, usually £510-£815 separately) / Professional Diploma (CMI, Level 5 Management and Leadership, usually £1795-£2200 separately) inclusive of your degree qualification.

It is a highly prestigious status to be achieved in the managerial profession. The qualifications are reflective of current practice in leadership and demonstrates managerial competence and functional ability. Our degrees are accredited with not just the CMI but also with Chartered Membership. In addition Logistics and Human Resource Management are accredited with (CILT and CIPD).

Programme Overview

A Benchmark for Online Student Experience

This BA (Hons) Business Management Degree from the University of Lincoln has been created for individuals who want to develop a deep understanding of business, leadership and management to advance their careers through personal and professional development; with an applied focus to increase management competences and enhance employability.

Most importantly of all, the programme provides students with an expertly-designed and interactive online learning experience. The programme can be studied anywhere, any time and on any device and is built in a digital learning environment that fosters collaboration, creativity and active learning; with a clear focus on the student experience and academic, pastoral and professional support, each student is allocated an individual tutor with additional academic and personal support available from dedicated members of staff.

What You Will Study

The programme is designed to offer students a robust appreciation of the fundamental subjects needed to manage a business within a complex and changing environment. Modules in critical enquiry skills, leadership and management, digital communications, finance and research aim to equip students with the tools, techniques and knowledge to be able to work effectively in different contexts.

Students can engage with core concepts of business management and emerging management concerns, whilst refining their critical analysis and decision-making abilities; offering students a wider critical perspective on the consequences of individual decisions and actions within the business environment. Students also have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in key areas through the selection of their elective module, including options such as; project management, managing operations, coaching and mentoring, entrepreneurship, managing logistics and health and safety management, to further tailor their learning experience and support personal and professional development.

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