How Distance Learning Works

A Tailored Approach

The University of Lincoln has a long and prestigious history of work-based distance learning provision, tailoring its approach to the needs of busy professionals and the latest industry requirements.

Our approach is simple:

  • No on-campus time required. Study at a time and place to suit you, at your own pace.
  • Access course materials and study guides online through our Blackboard virtual learning environment.
  • Receive direct guidance and support from dedicated academic tutors by email, telephone, Skype or other technologies.

Each work-based distance learning programme takes between 18-24 months to complete, depending on your personal circumstances and the time you are able to commit. 

How You Study

As a distance learner you will undertake independent study, guided by expert tutors who will help you prepare for and follow up on topics in greater depth.

Each of our Work Based Distance Learning programmes is divided into five or six modules, which are accessed via our online virtual learning environment, Blackboard. You will work through each module in turn, at a pace that you set, until you complete your degree programme. Your final grade will reflect your performance on each module, including a dissertation on a subject of your choosing.  

Module assignments take the form of essays, portfolios, reflective logs and reports, with each being assessed by your Module Tutor against the learning outcomes of the module you are undertaking.

There is a Blackboard site specific to each module that includes your Study Guide, a Module Guide and the Harvard Referencing Guide as well as other resources. Course reading materials are available in electronic formats compatible with most devices from our vast digital library collection. 

We understand that life can get in the way, which is why our programmes have built-in flexibility. If you need to pause your studies at any point, or need an extension on an assignment, we can usually accommodate.


How You Are Assessed

With no final exam, assessment is continuous throughout your course of study.

Each programme has specific learning outcomes, which you will find in your module and course documentation. You will need to familiarise yourself with these outcomes to understand what you are expected to know and do to achieve academic success.

You will be sent more detailed information about assessment in your Welcome Pack.


How You Are Supported

Should you have any questions about course content, reading materials or how to approach your study, your dedicated Module Tutors will be able to help. In addition, you can establish informal peer-learning groups with your fellow students on social media or via Blackboard’s online forums.

Students who make regular contact with their Programme Leader and Module Tutors and submit drafts of their assignments in a timely fashion usually achieve higher grades and have a better learner experience. As a distance learning student undertaking individual study, it is your responsibility to ensure you know what the course requirements are and when your assignments are due.

We suggest updating your tutor on your progress once a fortnight, being sure to flag any issues at an early stage. Should your circumstances change for any reason, or if you begin to feel overwhelmed, please contact your tutor. Your tutor is there to help you.

Remember that you have encountered and successfully managed challenging situations over the course of your career. Your main challenges will be balancing study, work and life commitments, and re-engagement with academia.  

Learn more about student support


How To Contact Your Tutors

Your Programme Leader and Module Tutors are friendly and approachable. They are there to support you throughout your programme of study.

Before you commence your degree, your Programme Leader will send you a welcome email with some information to get you started. This is the email address you will use to contact them once your programme is underway.  

You will find your Module Tutors’ email addresses on the relevant module sites on Blackboard. In the first instance, tutors should be contacted by email, however most tutors are happy to talk with you via email, telephone, Skype or other technologies by prior arrangement. It is even possible to meet some of our tutors in person at the university.