Rural and Coastal Health

Towards a Healthier Future

Producing purposeful knowledge with real-world impact drives the University of Lincoln’s research in health and wellbeing. Working with local, national, and international partners, our academics are developing new insights into a wide range of health-related challenges, including pre-hospital treatment, healthy ageing, child wellbeing, and community-based care.

Located in a rural region, the University of Lincoln is alert to the particular challenges and opportunities facing non-urban communities in the UK and around the world. Our researchers are leading multidisciplinary studies that are making a tangible difference in these areas, addressing issues such as infectious disease epidemiology, anti-microbial resistance, environmental impact, health inequalities, and access to effective treatments and services.

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Research Spotlight

Transforming Young Lives

A new research project is questioning popular myths about young dads, who instead of being uncaring and irresponsible are demonstrating a desire to be positively involved in their children’s lives, while also advocating for more father-inclusive practices at a national level.

Working in Partnership

A major focus of the University's research strategy lies in developing partnerships with a wide range of communities, organisations, and researchers in a bid to design and deliver projects that are beneficial to service users and which influence policy, practice, and procedures in health and social care services.

We work with key organisations such as the NHS, the National Institute for Health Research, the National Centre for Rural Health and Care, and many other local and national health and social care groups to help deliver impactful research that is making a positive impact across the generations.

Mobile Arts for Peace

Mobile Arts for Peace is an international, multidisciplinary project which has been using arts-based practices for peacebuilding in Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Indonesia, and Nepal. It is a collaborative project between universities, cultural artists, civil society organisations, and young people and families in local communities.

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Learning Lessons from the Past

To help tackle current global food crises, researchers and practitioners are turning to the past, examining successes and failures of previous interventions in different societies and agricultures to help inform the work of foresight planners and build scenarios for future food sustainability and security.

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Recent Developments