Microbiology and Biotechnology Research Group


We have a multi-disciplinary approach to answering fundamental questions relating to the characterisation, evaluation and testing of microorganisms and viruses.  This could be for example, investigating the activity of new antimicrobials or defining the structure of bacterial proteins. Structural biology is an important tool we use to investigate the 3-D structures of biomolecules and explain biological interactions. The figure below shows some of the key steps for an X-ray crystallographic study used to solve the protein structure of a bacterial cell wall “re- structuring” enzyme from Bacillus anthracis.  (a) X-ray diffraction pattern (b) and (c) structure of the “re- structuring” enzyme known as an autolysin.



We have a wide range of expertise focussed on using living systems and organisms to develop products.  Our research utilises many techniques, from protein biochemistry and structural techniques to cell culture and bio-conjugation.  We are developing new methods to design bio-therapeutics and we are assessing and developing novel delivery strategies.

The group has developed strong collaborations across the College of Health and Science, the Lincoln Institute for Health, the Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology and the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanties.

Research Activity

Dr Edward Taylor

Associate Professor and research group leader/point of contact

Dr Matthew Bates Senior Lecturer in Microbiology
Dr Colin Butter (affiliated)

Associate Professor in Bioveterinary Science/Programme Leader

Dr Simon Clegg

Lecturer in Animal Health and Disease

Dr Ron Dixon Associate Professor
Dr Beatrix Fahnert Deputy Head of the School of Life Sciences
Dr Enrico Ferrari Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader
Dr James Flint Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader
Professor Mathew Goddard (affiliated) Professor
Dr Clare Miller Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader
Dr Mark Odell

Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry/Programme Leader

Dr Ross Williams  Senior Lecturer