Evolution and Ecology Research Group

Understanding the Evolution and Ecology of Populations

The Evolution and Ecology research group is a highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary community of academics, postgraduate students, and postdoctoral researchers. We aim to understand the evolution and ecology of populations, species, and communities across all levels of biological organisation, from genes through to ecosystems. Key themes within our research include the diversification of species over time, the response of species, populations and communities to global change, and behavioural ecology.

Our interdisciplinary research benefits from strong links with members of the School of Psychology and the School of Computer Science, other research groups within Life Sciences, particularly the Animal Behaviour, Cognition and Welfare group, and through a network of national and international collaborations.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our group supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are an urgent call for action to tackle some of the world's most pressing problems, now and into the future.

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