Research in Mental Health, Health and Social Care

Accelerating Research

MH2aSC has evolved to encompass a broader range of research activity that involves social care and adult health, particularly cancer care through a partnership with Macmillan. The primary focus of this research group is to provide expert resources to government policy strategists, health, social, and education economies to create and drive innovation in health and social care settings.

Key themes of our research include mental health, health and social care integration, values-based practice, workforce development, and service innovation and improvement.

Current project areas:

- Cancer care: we work closely with Macmillan Cancer Support and the local health economy to investigate the care of cancer patients following completion of their treatment

- Workforce development: MH2aSC are involved in the development of new clinical academic careers of nurses, midwives and allied health professionals for the regional health economy

- Conscientious objection: our group is exploring the impact of the emotional labour of health and social care and its relationship to professional and personal conscience

Throughout the course of our research, we have developed a network of international and national collaborators and offer PhD supervision, we a
lso support the development of clinical academics and other early career researchers (ECRs).

Academic Staff


Dr Ros Kane

Associate Professor

Dr Ian McGonagle

Associate Professor

Dr Maria Joyce

Senior Lecturer

Dr David Nelson

Research Fellow

Emma Sayers

Research Assistant 

Heidi Green

Research Assistant (Health & Social Care)

Dr Sam Cooke

Research Associate

Rachel Mason

Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care

Dr Stephanie Armstrong

Senior Lecturer in Health Quality Improvement/ Programme Leader

Dr Jim Rogers

Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader

Dr Joseph Akanuwe

Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Primary Care & Public Health Research

Dr Hannah Henderson

Associate Professor 

Prof Jacqui Allen-Collinson

Professor Emerita in Sociology and Physical Cultures 

Prof Kate Grafton

Head of the School of Health and Social Care

Carol Duff 

Senior Lecturer and Consultant Therapist 

Janice Wisenam

Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing 

Dr Iwona Zielinska

Visiting Research Fellow and Marie Curie International Fellow