Urs Hauenstein

Urs Hauenstein is the Volunteer President of the International Council of Leadership, Governance, Entrepreneurship and Management (ICLGEM), the Association of Swiss Quality Competencies and Qualifications (SQCQ), the Institute of Competencies and Qualifications in Switzerland and the International Network for Accreditation, Recognition and Dissemination in UK (INARD). In these functions he serves as well as Distinguished Visiting Professor in different Colleges / Universities in Eastern Europe and UK.

He supports the Leeds Beckett University / Centre of Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility as Honorary Fellow in research, networking and fundraising/marketing and the Globethics.net in Geneva as Senior Fellow within the field of Global Ethics Chairs, profiling / branding / marketing and fundraising, quality management and accreditation.

He has been a keynote and master-class speaker at various international summits and conferences. He acts as a ‘Goodwill Ambassador for Internationalisation’ and TV moderator/editor for live shows at the organisation Business Days and the Central and Eastern European Entrepreneurship Summits and for the International Council.

As Senior Consultant, Lead Adviser, Auditor/Assessor, Counsellor and Facilitator, he has been guiding manufacturers and industry groups, companies, associations, organisations as well as professional, administrative and political bodies internationally in different expertise areas: Business Management, Operations Management, Effectiveness and Optimization (Priorities, Performance and Value Management), Multi-Channel-Marketing, HRM, Internationalisation, Future Education and Pedagogy fur sustainable learning, Change and Transformation Management, QM and Accreditation and Ethics & Responsive and Responsible Leadership, Governance and Entrepreneurship.

Urs initiated the research projects Management21, Incubator21, Accelerator21, Priorities and has authored or co-authored more than 70 original articles, review papers, case reports, book chapters/books in German and English.

The Lincoln International Business School is breaking new important ground, which is also being respected internationally.   Obviously the particularly human interaction with the staff and the students provides an ideal basis for an authentic, ethical business school.  An interactive and dynamic open and mutable transformative education and development towards sustainability and resilience helps build a better future - LIBS obviously does this. I am proud to be part of this and to support and develop for a unique international network.