Robotics and Automated Systems

The pioneering robotics research at the School of Engineering focuses on advancing the technologies that bind together Mechatronics, Automation and Control for meticulously designing smarter robots. Application sectors targeted currently include but not limited to Space, Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, Aerospace and Agri-Food. Our vision is to facilitate the digital transformation of these industries and improve their efficiency by deploying intelligent robotic systems; such innovations will offer enterprises more flexibility in product development while providing better resilience.

The School of Engineering proactively engages with other vital institutes and schools (e.g. School of Computer Science, Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology, National Centre for Food Manufacturing, Lincoln International Business School) to drive a far-reaching research and development programme in robotics. Hand-in-hand with the School of Computer Science, the School of Engineering is propelling the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems Research (L-CAS), which is an internationally renowned centre for cross-disciplinary research in robotics and autonomous systems. In addition to creating new opportunities in Lincolnshire, we collaborate with industry stakeholders and end-users to maximise the impact of our research.

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