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Lincoln International Business School Research Showcase

We are delighted to present the Lincoln International Business School Research Showcase 2020, online for the very first time. This is a great opportunity to showcase our academics research seminars online, making them accessible to a much wider audience. We have a wide range of research topics this year covering migrant communities, leadership in the RAF, circular economy business models, and gamification, to name just a few. 

These presentations reflect the priorities and passions of our academics working across the six research groups based in Lincoln International Business School, and also provide an insight into how our research informs and impacts our teaching.

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Community Organisation Research Group

Researching community organisation, self-organisation, and development within Third Sector organisations, multi-agency networks, and community groups.

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Contemplation and Pause

Presented by Dr Maria Kordowicz, University of Lincoln

This talk explores key the literature concerning contemplative pause in organisations and places of work. Maria highlights the links made between poetry and contemplation, and why the time to pause is more important than ever in a COVID-19 context. Due Maria's interest in healthcare organisations, examples from healthcare settings illustrate the talk. Implications for leadership, education and academic pursuits are also introduced.

The Problematic of Effective Migrant Integration in Communities

Presented by Dr Dieu Hack-Polay, University of Lincoln

Marketing and Supply Chain Research Group

The Marketing and Supply Chain Research Group (MaSC) exists to develop knowledge which supports sustainable value for market, chain and network stakeholders.

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Developing Entrepreneurial Marketing Competences through Entrepreneurial Marketing (EM)

Presented by Dr Jialin Hardwick, Dr Barry Ardley, Nick Taylor, University of Lincoln

Critical competences are crucial to organisations, in particular to their marketing operations. This research joins in the important discussion on the ways by which enterprise marketing can be taught in the Higher Education sector, in whatever form or shape it takes.

From Green to Sustainable Supply Chains: A Research Agenda in the Context of Industry 4.0 Technologies

Presented by Prof Charbel Jose Chiappetta Jabbour, University of Lincoln

Unravelling the Unarticulated - SME Managers and the role of Tacit Expertise in Marketing

Presented by Dr Barry Ardley, University of Lincoln, and Sanngarri Naikar, Independent Consultant

Tacit knowledge is overlooked in accounts of SME marketing. Findings based on qualitative interviews with owners show tacit expertise as central to gaining strategic advantages in the market. Tacit expertise derives from local networks, intersubjective knowledge, intuitive based judgements and this paper asks if this recondite knowledge base is ever articulable.

Circular Economy Business Models: Concept, Applications, and Research Opportunities

Presented by Dr Ana Beatriz Lopes de Sousa Jabbour, University of Lincoln

This presentation aims to elicit information on the concept, characteristics, business models and applications of the circular economy. In addition, the presentation proposes some research avenues in the realm of circular economy taking into account what is already known and what can be further explored on the topic.

Responsible Management Research Group

Undertaking research which contributes new knowledge in order to help business benefit economies and societies everywhere.

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A Qualitative Study of Empowering Leadership in the RAF

Presented by Dr Craig Marsh, University of Lincoln

This seminar presents the findings of a qualitative study of empowering leadership in the RAF, where I explored the question ‘How can an empowering leadership style fit with a hierarchical, rank based organisation structure?’ It can, and the results show how.

Gamification in Human Resource Management

Presented by Dr Giacomo MarziDr Andrea CaputoProf Matthijs Bal, University of Lincoln. And Maria Silic, University of St. Gallen

Moderated by Prof Martin Hingley, University of Lincoln

In our study, we explored how gamification can promote employees’ satisfaction and engagement at work. Based on a sample of 398 employees, we highlighted the possibility of employing a gamified HRM system to influence employees’ attitudes and behaviour at work.

Hypernormalisation in Times of COVID 19 How the Absurd is Normalised

Presented by Prof Matthijs BalDr Andy BrookesDr Dieu Hack-PolayDr Maria Kordowicz, and Dr John Mendy, University of Lincoln

This video discusses how absurdities in society, and in particular around the COVID-19 crisis, are normalised. The panel debates how various contemporary issues, including workplace responses to the COVID-19 crisis, climate change and racism, can be understood from an absurdity-lens.

The Influence of Leader-Follower Cognitive Style Similarity on Followers’ Organizational Citizenship Behaviours Frontiers in Psychology

Presented by Dr Steve Armstrong, University of Lincoln, and Dr Meng Qi, Beijing University of Technology

This seminar examines the influence of leader-follower cognitive style similarity on followers’ organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs). Results from 430 leader-follower dyads reveal that cognitive style congruence is a predictor of follower OCBs leading to concomitant improvements in both individual & organizational level success.

Visitor Economy Research Group

The Visitor Economy Research Group (VERG) concentrates on projects in the areas of tourism, events and leisure.

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‘Wow! I never knew this was here’ Strengthened relationships with our local heritage during lockdown

Presented by Tom Kitchen, University of Lincoln

Coinciding with my current PhD research in Culture and Heritage management this related piece of research discusses a peculiar axiological phenomenon that manifested during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown.

Lincoln Economics and Finance Research Group

LEAF facilitate the creation and diffusion of rigorous and policy relevant research as well as research skills within the university, the local community, and the society at large.

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COVID-19 Fallout and the Challenges for Global Recovery Response

Moderated by Dr Shrabani Saha and Dr Tobias Bruenner, University of Lincoln

The pandemic COVID-19 is with us nearly couple of months now (since December 2019) but it made the whole world stand still over two months on the same platform of lockdown. This webinar was held on 11 May 2020, focuses on the issues  like: i) the impact on real economy - output, employment and prices; ii) the financial sector, banks and their balance sheets; iii) provision of public and private health care expenses.

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