Research at Lincoln Law School

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Shaping Law, Policy, Practice, and Education

Working with key stakeholders and students, our research addresses challenges from the global to the local, including responses to environmental change, respect for human rights, and enhancing criminal justice.

We shape academic debates and inform legal and policy developments using a range of doctrinal, empirical, and theoretical techniques. Our research is connected to enquiry in the wider social and natural science, which allows us to understand and respond to the real-world complexities within which law operates.

Staff in Lincoln Law School play leading roles in research centres, groups and projects.

  • The Global South Dialogue on Economic Crimes Network (GSDEC) is an interdisciplinary platform for advancing dialogue, research, and capacity on economic and financial crimes. Its mission is to inform, influence, and improve researchers’ and stakeholders’ involvement in deliberations to curb illicit financial activities. Stakeholders include policymakers, enforcement officers, bankers, governments whose actions and inactions could lead to or combat illicit financial activities.