Research at the NCFM

At the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, partnership with industry and businesses is at the heart of our research agenda. With strong industry links and academic partnership, our multidisciplinary research and practical problem solving for the food industry is expanding quickly to support the sector's growth. 

Our research areas in Robotics and Automation, Food Safety and Microbiology, Advanced Food Processing Technologies, and the Food Supply Chain, reflect the priorities of the current food sector with the help and support of funding partners, retailers and food businesses of all sizes.

Robotics and Automation

Robot Automation‌Robots have the potential to significantly change how food is manufactured. Lincoln's National Centre for Food Manufacturing is progressing in robotics and process automation related research and development, looking at increasing productivity and enhanced process control.

Food Safety & Microbiology

Food Safety Micro‌Food Microbiology is a key focal point of food safety control and also a major factor in delivering commercially viable product shelf lives. Food Safety work at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing covers both the managerial and the scientific aspects of control.

Advanced Food Processing Technologies

Adv Food Process Banner‌At the NCFM we work alongside the food sector to develop the next generation of food processing systems, from concept development through to full commercial research and development trials in our dedicated food manufacturing halls and process laboratories.

Food Supply Chain

Food Supply Chain‌From farm to fork, the NCFM is active in progressing research and development to advance the control of product, quality, safety and legality, and also to enhance productivity, efficiency, and also to enhance productivity, efficiency and secure the reduction of waste in all of its forms.


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