Food Industry Digitalisation and Process Innovation

Advanced Food Processing Technologies

Digitisation, Automation, and Robotics have the potential to significantly change how food is manufactured. NCFM progresses process automation-related research and development, which will serve to increase sector productivity and greatly enhance process control.

The NCFM works with business challenges and opportunities and help to drive productivity and transformational change through your people. Experts have a wealth of food industry and sector specialist knowledge and are passionate advocates of excellence in teaching and skills development. Whether you are seeking a one-off training solution or strategic partnering for a longer-term initiative to enhance your business, we can help.

NCFM works with the food sector to develop the next generation of food processing systems, from concept through to full commercial research and development trials in our dedicated food manufacturing halls and process laboratories.

Food Supply Chain Development

From farm to fork, NCFM is active in progressing research and development to advance the control of product quality, safety, and legality, and also to enhance productivity, efficiency, and secure the reduction of waste in all of its forms.

To find out more information contact our academic lead, Associate Professor Dr Janet Bellamy.

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