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Interpreting and Representing the Medieval Past

The Medieval Studies Research Group brings together academics, archivists, librarians, postgraduate students, and postdoctoral researchers with interdisciplinary interests both in the medieval period itself and in the later interpretation and representation of the medieval past. We have a strong relationship with the wider scholarly and professional community including Lincoln Cathedral Library and Archives, with whom we collaborate in our teaching and research. Key themes include: premodern Iberia and the Western Mediterranean; Lincoln, Britain and the North Atlantic; gender and identity, society and culture; inter-faith exchanges and religion; and archives, heritage, and medievalism.

We foster academic links within and beyond the University of Lincoln through hosting external speakers; organizing the annual Lincoln medieval lecture and ‘Medieval Week’; hosting international conferences; and contributing to national and international research networks and projects.

Research Themes and Sustainable Development Goals

Our research is embedded in the following University research themes, a unique set of areas that key into our goals as a civic university undertaking internationally significant research with local relevance, and as researchers engaged in the pursuit of excellence. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals badges represent our research and collaborations in terms of their contribution to the issues the world faces today and into the future.

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Medieval Studies Research Group Events

Upcoming Events

DateEventSubjectTime and LocationHow to Get Involved
Tuesday 18 May Research Seminar ‘Beyond the Pillars of Hercules: Byzantium and the Far West of Hispania in the Mid-Sixth Century’ - Dr Jamie Wood. 1pm to 2pm - online Contact Dr Renee Ward
Tuesday 18 May Local and Global Perspectives Research Seminar 'Maritime Conflict in the Medieval Mediterranean' - Dr Victòria A. Burguera i Puigserver (Institució Milà i Fontanals-CSIC, Barcelona & Universitat de les Illes Balears). 6pm to 7pm - online Find out more
Friday 28 May Noblewomen Network Workshop ‘Noblewomen and their Letters’ - various speakers. 3pm to 5.30pm - online Contact Prof Louise Wilkinson
Thursday 3 June Annual Medieval Studies Lecture ‘Who were the Strangers of Medieval Cities?’ - Professor Miri Rubin. 6pm to 7.15pm - online Find out more

Previous Events

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Medieval Week - April 2021 'A Medieval Scribe in the Modern Day: the Illuminations of Toni Watts'. View
Medieval Week - April 2021 An Overview of Medieval Week at the University of Lincoln. View
Medieval Sound Bites Podcast 'Women, Households and Power in the 13th Century' - Paula Del Val Vales and Dr Anaïs Waag. View
Local and Global Perspectives Research Seminar The Medieval Mediterranean. 'The Autobiographical Impulse in the Medieval Mediterranean' - Dr Franz-Joseph Arlinghaus (Universität Bielefeld), Dr Jaume Aurell (Universidad de Navarra), and Dr Afrodesia McCannon (NYU), chaired by Dr Antonella Liuzzo Scorpo. View
Local and Global Perspectives Research Seminar The Medieval Mediterranean. 'Queenship studies across the Medieval Mediterranean and Western Europe' - Dr Anais Waag and Paula Del Val Vales. View
Research Seminars (2020-21)

An Overview of Our Semester A Research Seminars.

Research Seminars (2020-21)

An Overview of Our Semester B Research Seminars.