Inter-Faith Exchanges and Religion

Our Research

The Medieval Studies Research Group examines inter-faith exchanges and religion throughout the Middle Ages, with particular attention on the Western Mediterranean world, including: Christian-Muslim relations (600-1500); hagiography and the cult of saints in early medieval Iberia and Gaul; and twelfth-century monasticism.

Christian-Muslim Relations (600-1500)

Our research focuses on Christian-Muslim relations throughout the Middle Ages, within the Iberian Peninsula and the wider Western Mediterranean world. Central to this research is the examination of inter-faith friendship, collaboration (cultural, economic, and political), and diplomacy.

Hagiography and the Cult of Saints

Our research focuses on the cult of saints and Latin hagiography in late antique and early medieval Iberia and Gaul. It also investigates shrine culture, namely the interplay between holy bodies, images, and architecture in Medieval Europe.


Our research focuses on the connections between liturgy and monumental sculpture in the twelfth century. It examines not only the extent to which liturgical readings informed and shaped complex and extended portal programmes, but also the ways monumental images were activated and amplified during liturgical performances.


Image: Architectural detail from Amalfi. Reproduced by kind permission of Dr Michele Vescovi.