Group Members

Group Members

A list of the members of the Medieval Studies Research Group at the University of Lincoln.

Name Position/Research Interests Contact
Claire Arrand

Special Collections Librarian
Professor Keizo Asaji

Visiting Professor (Kansai University, Japan)

The Angevin Empire; thirteenth-century England; Robert Grosseteste, bishop of Lincoln; Franciscan friars; medieval manuscripts

Dr Graham Barrett

Senior Lecturer

Iberian Peninsula; Late Antiquity; early Middle Ages; Latin language and literature; textuality and transmission.

Dr Nicholas Bennett

Visiting Senior Fellow

Church history; parish clergy; Lincoln diocese; cathedrals; archives. 


Dr Hannah Boston

Early Career Fellow

Professor Stephen Church

Professor in Medieval Studies

Professor Mark Clark

Research Professor

Medieval history; scholasticism; the schools and universities of Paris and England during the High Middle Ages; history of the book.

Dr Mark Gardiner


Medieval settlement; medieval landscape; houses; maritime trading systems; North Atlantic.

Dr Chris Heath

Visiting Senior Fellow

Early medieval Europe; legal history and law; Lombard Italy; Byzantine Italy; the Medieval Mezzogiorno; Carolingian Italy; Islamic Italy; Lombards and Romans; identity.


Dr Dean Irwin

Visiting Fellow in Medieval Studies

Professor Amy Livingstone


Medieval France; women and gender; aristocratic families; material culture and social networks.

Dr Antonella Luizzo Scorpo

Associate Professor

Medieval Iberia; friendship; interfaith relationships; history of emotions; social networks.

Dr Giustina Monti

Senior Lecturer

Dr Robert Portass

Senior Lecturer

Iberian Peninsula; exchange systems; markets and transactions; the peasantry; the apparatus and structures of early medieval government.

Dr Samantha Tipper

Visiting Fellow from A.R.U.

Forensic anthropology; forensic science; bioarchaeology; human skeletal biology; health and disease in ancient Nubia.

Dr Michele Vescovi

Senior Lecturer

Medieval art and architecture; cult of saints and shrine culture; sacred objects and the natural environment; ritual practices and the activation of images/architecture; digital modeling.

Dr Anais Waag

Early Career Fellow

Medieval queenship; medieval letters and diplomatic; medieval rulership; gender studies; comparative history.

Dr Renee Ward

Senior Lecturer

Medieval romance; Arthuriana; monsters; outlaws; medievalism.

Professor Louise Wilkinson


Medieval women; medieval queenship; aristocracies; thirteenth-century government; medieval Lincoln and Lincolnshire.

Dr Marianne Wilson

Visiting Fellow from the University of York

Lincoln wills; Lincoln records; Lincoln cathedral and its close in the later Middle Ages; the Reformation; the archbishops of York's late medieval registers.

Dr Jamie Wood


Visigoths, Iberian Peninsula, saints, social violence, history-writing.

Dr Michael Wuk

Senior Classical Languages Tutor

Late Antiquity; social dynamics; oath-taking; social and religious obligation; documentary sources.