Lincoln School of Film and Media

School of Film and Media

Lincoln School of Film and Media Undergraduate Courses

Animation and Visual Effects - BA (Hons)

Animation and Visual Effects at Lincoln offers an introduction to the innovative world of animation and visual effects through moving image, digital visualisation, and contemporary narrative.

Film and Television Studies - BA (Hons)

Film and television inform, entertain, reflect, and also shape society, and this course examines the power behind these key mediums.

Film Production - BA (Hons)

Explore the fundamentals of film-making from narrative right through to post-production, with a degree designed to develop the next generation of innovative filmmakers.

Media Production - BA (Hons)

Media Production at Lincoln is focused on the creative foundations and technical skills needed to thrive as a professional in a rapidly changing media landscape.

Media Studies - BA (Hons)

BA (Hons) Media Studies offers students the opportunity to examine the transformative role of 21st Century media in today’s digital society, and to develop advanced critical and creative skills relevant to this new world.

Photography - BA (Hons)

For aspiring photographers and moving image makers, Lincoln’s Photography degree offers an artistic learning environment that values creative expression and embodiment of the visual form through discovery, engagement, and extended practice within a contemporary context.

Sound and Music Production - BA (Hons)

Strong industry links, accreditation, and opportunities to gain extensive practical experience are core features of this course in the exciting and creative fields of sound and music production.

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