Fine Art

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Art can stir emotions, express complex ideas and provoke questions. Fine Art at Lincoln explores the world of art and curatorial practice, allowing students to experiment with different media and discover their artistic style in a stimulating and supportive environment.

Students have their own studio space and access to a wide range of facilities, which includes state-of-the-art studios, workshops and a public gallery. There is equipment for working with wood, metal, plaster, plastics and resin.

Academics are practising artists who guide and support students through their development and reflective practice, culminating in the Final Year Degree Show, where students exhibit a body of independent work.

Fine Art research

Undergraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses

Visiting Artists, Writers and Curators

Every year a range of artists or other people involved in the arts are invited to give a lecture and undertake tutorials with students.

  • David Blandy
  • Rachel Goodyear
  • Ming Wong
  • Magnus Quiafe
  • Lindsey Seers
  • Sigrid Holmwood
  • Kevin Hunt
  • Toby Huddlestone
  • David Osbaldeston
  • Simon Blackmore
  • Phillip Allen
  • Cath Keay
  • John McSweeney
  • Bo Olawoye
  • Tessa Farmer
  • Marek Tobolowski
  • Barbara Walker
  • Pak Keung-Wan
  • Shaun Morris
  • Dan Hays
  • James Hopkins
  • Sotiris Kyriacou
  • Josie Flynn
  • Christopher Stevens
  • Fedja Klikovac
  • Ruth Claxton
  • Helen Jones
  • S Mark Gubb
  • Paul Rooney
  • James Hutchinson
  • Jamie Shovlin
  • Jordan McKenzie
  • Bruce Ayling & Hannah Conroy
  • James Ireland
  • Katrine Hjelde
  • Dean Kenning
  • David Mollin
  • Catherine Bertola