School of Fine and Performing Arts Staff

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Mr Adam Gregory Associate Lecturer
Mr Alexander Kent Musical Theatre Technician
Dr Alexandra Baybutt Associate Lecturer
Dr Alice Bell Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
Multimodal and Participatory Arts, Participatory Practice-Based Research, Arts and Health, Arts Psythotherapy, Psychosynthesis Creativity Coaching, Performance and Live Art, Site Specific Arts, Dialogic and Relational Aesthetics, Psycho-Social Practices, Transdisciplinary Practices, Performance for Screen, Re-Staging Life Narratives, Immersive Practices.
Miss Alice Saxton Associate Lecturer
Prof Ananda Breed Professor in Theatre / Programme Leader
Applied Performance, Intercultural Performance
Mr Andrew Ashenden Associate Lecturer
Mr Andrew Bracey Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Fine Art, Contemporary Curatorial Practice, Artist as curator, Painting, Parasitic tendencies of contemporary artists, Appropriation art, art and Archives
Mr Andrew Evans Associate Lecturer
Dr Andrew Westerside Interim Head of School
Contemporary Experimental Performance, Theatre and Video Games, Performance Art, Composition, Formalism, Aesthetics and the 20th Century Avant-Garde, Site-Specific Performance, Performance and Composition, Performance and Contemporary Politics, Writing for Performance
Mrs Anna Bolton Associate Lecturer
Dr Anna Scheer Senior Lecturer
Christoph Schlingensief, contemporary German and European theatre and performance, German colonialism, Avant-gardism, Postdramatic theatre, politically engaged, and radical performance and activism.
Dr Arya Madhavan Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Indian Theatre and dance, Performance Studies, Women in Asian Performance, Performance traditions of Asia, Cultural Diversity
Dr Assunta Ruocco Lecturer in Fine Art
Miss Beth Ackroyd Associate Lecturer
Ms Bryony Kummer-Seddon Associate Lecturer
Dr Camilo Sol Inti Soler Caicedo Post Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Carolyn Roy Associate Lecturer
Dr Cassandre Balosso-Bardin Senior Lecturer in Music / Programme Leader
Ethnomusicology, Musical Instruments, Cultural Sustainability, Intercultural Music, Music Revivals, Interdisciplinary Instrument Research, Mediterranean Music, Bagpipes.
Mr Christopher Leedham Associate Lecturer
Mrs Claire Bushell - Thornalley Associate Lecturer
Mrs Claire Stanton Associate Lecturer
Mr Daniel Firth Technical Theatre and Stage Management Technician
Mr Daniel Hunt Senior Lecturer
Contemporary Performance, Live Art, Devised Performance and Improvisation
Mr Danny Ridealgh Lecturer in Technical Theatre
Mr Darren Neave Associate Lecturer
Mr Darren Page Senior Lecturer in Technical Theatre
Stage Management, Contemporary British Playwriting, Staging the Supernatural, Script Development
Mr Dean Burne Associate Lecturer
Prof Dominic Symonds Director of Research
Musical Theatre, Performance Cartography, Migration, Collaboration, Practice as Research
Mr Duncan Parker Associate Lecturer
Mr Ed Wellman Senior Lecturer in Music/Programme Leader
Performance, Accompanying, Choral Direction, Education, Community Music, Community Media, Radio Programme and News Production.
Ms Ellen Angus Associate Lecturer
Ms Ellen Scott Mobile Arts for Peace (MAP) Project Manager
Miss Emily Thurston Associate Lecturer
Mrs Georgina Saunders-Fazzani Lecturer in Dance/Musical Theatre
Mr Gerard Williams Associate Lecturer
Miss Grace Trinnaman Associate Lecturer
Hannah lismore
Harvey Sidhu
Miss Holly Cox General Manager
Events Management
Dr Jacqueline Bolton Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Contemporary British Playwriting; 21st Century Theatre; Dramaturgy; Simon Stephens; debbie tucker green; European theatre; British Council; Theatre historiography; British fringe theatre in the 1970s/80s; Ken Campbell.
Mr James Fox Associate Lecturer
Dr James Hudson Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Twentieth-century British and French Theatre; Political Theatre; Edward Bond; The Theatre of the Absurd; Contemporary playwriting; Sarah Kane; Howard Barker; Simon Stephens; David Grieg; Chris Thorpe; Theatre and Reactionary Politics; Political Theatre; Theatre and Right-Wing Politics
Ms Jenny Dominy Associate Lecturer
Mr Joe Langabeer Associate Lecturer
Musical Theatre, Immersive Theatre, Political Theatre
Mr John Lawrence Associate Lecturer
Video, Installation, Collaboration, Cross-disciplinary practice, Experimental writing, Publishing
Mr Jordan Shiel Associate Lecturer
Mrs Kat Hendy Senior Lecturer
Contemporary Dance Techniques (specifically Graham and Cunningham techniques) / Working collaboratively with movement and sound / Dance in the community.
Miss Kathryn Stamp Associate Lecturer
Dr Kelly Jones Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Theatrical realizations of the supernatural; Shakespeare in performance; English theatre history; theatre and popular culture
Kia-Illana King
Kirsty Haley
Miss Kirsty Russell Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Technique and Performance, Contact Improvisation, Improvisation, Digital Performance- Virtual Realities
Mrs Laura Swain Arts Administrator
Mr Lee Stanton Associate Lecturer
Mr Lewys Holt Associate Lecturer
Miss Lisa Ziemann Associate Lecturer
Mr Mark Wilde Senior Lecturer
Music Theatre and vocal technique
Dr Martin Lang Senior Lecturer in Fine Art / Programme Leader
Militancy, Art Activism, Aesthetics, Art & Politics, Socially Engaged Art.
Mr Martin Rousseau LSFPA Production Manager
Dr Martin Scheuregger Senior Lecturer in Music / Programme Leader
Music Analysis, Composition, Musicology, Contemporary Music, Musical Curation, Temporality, Composers in Academia
Mr Michael Hoyle Senior Lecturer in Technical Theatre / Programme Leader
Set Design, Lighting Design, Production and Stage Management
Miss Mimi O'Neill Senior Lecturer in Music
Music psychology, music and emotion, music science, empathy, quantitative research methods and analysis.
Mr Oliver Smith Associate Lecturer
Miss Olwen Davies Associate Lecturer
Mr Omari Carter Associate Lecturer
Miss Phoebe Wall-Palmer Associate Lecturer
Ms Rachel Baynton Senior Lecturer - Creative Engagement Producer
Interdisciplinarity, Collaboration, Contemporary Theatre and Performance, Site-Specific Arts Practices, Participation and Community Arts Practices, Arts Management and Cultural Policy, Skills and Employability in the Creative Industries, Arts Marketing, Small-scale Museum and Gallery Operations, Practice as Research.
Ms Rachel Dean Associate Lecturer
Mrs Rachel Knowles Associate Lecturer
Dr Robert Dean Deputy Head of School
Late 19th and early 20th Century Theatre, Musical Theatre, Music in Theatre & Film, Melodrama, Theatre Design (Sound), Cabaret, Black Comedy, Shakespeare in Performance, Ethics & Popular Entertainment, Semiotic & Intertextual Analysis.
Mr Robert Keates Associate Lecturer
Miss Rosalind Holgate Smith Associate Lecturer
Ms Rowan McLelland Associate Lecturer
Dr Rowena Gander Lecturer in Dance
Mr Sam Cable Lecturer in Musical Theatre
Musical Direction, Piano Accompaniment, Coaching
Miss Sarah Butler Associate Lecturer
Mrs Sarah Jane Callaghan Associate Lecturer
Mr Shaun Bracey Associate Lecturer
Mr Simon Sanchez Lecturer - Theatre for Young Audiences
Dr Sreenath Nair Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
The Body & Culture; Intercultural performance; Indian theatre; embodied methodologies; Natyasastra studies; performance theory; Stanislavsky & Yoga
Mr Steve Chambers LPAC Stage Manager
Dr Steve Fossey Senior Lecturer in Fine Art / Programme Leader
Performance and Live Art, Drawing in the Expanded Field, Site Specific Art, Sound Art, Dialogic Art, Relational Aesthetics, Site Specific Performance, Art writing, Socially Engaged Art.
Dr Steve Klee Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
Contemporary art, aesthetics & philosophy (especially posthuman approaches), cognitive science, art-science methodology
Mr Steve Sharp Technician - Music
Mr Teo Ghilardi Senior Lecturer
Movement Studies, Physical Theatre, Theatre & Performance Making, Site-specific Performance, Cross-collaborative Performing Arts Practice, Community Theatre, Politics & Society.
Miss Tessa Palfrey Senior Lecturer in Dance / Programme Leader
Mr Tim Casson Associate Lecturer
Mr Tom Marcinek Theatre Technician
Dr Winojith Withana Appuhamilage Associate Lecturer