Media Archive for Central England

The Media Archive for Central England (MACE) is the specialist and regional public film archive for the East and West Midlands, caring for a historically significant collection of over 70,000 moving image records of the region.

Based on the Brayford Pool Campus since 2011, MACE enjoys a unique relationship with the University of Lincoln where it is embedded in teaching and research. MACE’s facilities include a state of the art digitisation facility, a multifunctional viewing space for users to access film and video material and a climate-controlled archive store where the collections are held in conditions designed to inhibit decay.


What does MACE do?

An independent not-for-profit company and registered charity, MACE preserves and makes accessible a vast screen heritage collection that documents life across the heart of England since 1895 so we can better understand, appreciate and enjoy the fascinating history and rich culture of the Midlands – now and in the future.

MACE provides opportunities to access the collection in a range of ways from the online film catalogue to public screenings, exhibitions and community projects. MACE can also license material for commercial projects from smaller-scale film productions and other creative initiatives to TV programmes and feature films. 

How can MACE help you?

The collection is not only a great source of information, knowledge and research but also a good source of entertainment and history; to be enjoyed as well as studied.

In addition to providing proper care and storage for materials, MACE also provides help and access for people that are looking for film, and for those needing advice on how to care for moving images outside of MACE.

MACE are committed to supporting the needs of students and educators from research and learning to providing material for media and exhibition projects. With over 70,000 titles in the collection, we have a huge variety of footage depicting scenes from the everyday to the extraordinary. Simply search our collection or visit our themes page and discover just how useful a resource MACE can be.

Who are MACE?

MACE is run by a team of experienced professionals lead by its Director, Dr. Clare Watson, and governed by a Board of Trustees. Clare convenes an Undergraduate module in the Lincoln School of Film and Media at the University of Lincoln and has extensive experience in delivering media archiving training at Postgraduate level as well as vocational training for volunteers, new entrants and professionals. She holds a PhD in Film Studies and previously managed the regional film archive for the capital, the London’s Screen Archives. 

Clare is supported by MACE’s Archive Manager, Richard Shenton, a long-standing member of the team whose wealth of experience is fundamental to the smooth-running of the archive. Richard holds an MA in film archiving.

Find out more information about the MACE team, contact details and information about their areas of responsibility.

How can you get in touch?

If you would like to know more you can get in touch with the MACE team via email, telephone, 01522 837750, or pay them a visit on the ground floor of the Media Humanities and Technology Building.