Media, Film and Broadcast Centre

Students have access to our industry-standard, purpose-built facilities. These include:

  • Two TV studios, one with an audience capacity of 135 and an area of over 2,500 sq ft
  • Three radio studios
  • 18 Video Editing suites with HP Z-Series Workstations, Avid Media Composer Version 8, Adobe Premiere CC and DaVinci Resolve
  • High-end grading and finishing suite with Autodesk Smoke, Flame and DaVinci Resolve
  • 24 channel HD digital multi-track recording studio
  • Photographic studio with digital studio cameras
  • Large purpose-built 5.1 surround Sound Dubbing and Foley theatre with ProTools (and smaller ProTools sound prep theatre)
  • Animation suite with 30 high end PCs featuring the latest 3D software.
  • Mac suite with 30 Huion interactive drawing screens.
  • Digital photography suite
  • Photography darkrooms
  • Multimedia production suites
  • Extensive video and audio editing and post production facilities
  • Industry specification cameras, lights, grip and audio recording equipment
  • 4k Screening Room and 4k Screening Theatre
  • Media Loans centre for student loan of equipment

Audio Production Suite

The Audio Production Suite comprises iMacs running Pro Tools software for audio post-production and electronic music production workshops.

We also have self-contained audio edit suites for group project work with iMac/Pro Tools systems running Ableton, Sibelius and Vienna Symphonic library.

The Lincoln Sound Theatre is a Pro Tools 5.1 dubbing theatre for mixing sound to picture. It features a large-screen projector, a full Foley sound effects area and a commentary booth for voice-over and ADR.

The Sound Theatre is also available for outside hire and several award-winning films have been mixed here.

The smaller Sound Theatre B is a smaller facility for stereo audio post-production work.

Multi-track Recording Studios‎


Our two multi-track recording studios comprise control rooms and recording areas including live rooms, dead rooms and a drum isolation booth for music and drama production. Equipment includes: Pro Tools, Audient ASP8024 mixing consoles (24 and 12 channels), UA Apollo and Antelope Orion AD/DA, Genelec 8030A & Mix Cube monitoring.

We also have a wide selection of microphones including AKG, Sure, SE Electronics, Rode, Neumann and Electrovoice, and outboard equipment including Sony, Chameleon Labs, Drawmer, TC Electronics, Akai and Lexicon.

Other software includes Waves, Melodyne, Ableton Live, Omnisphere, Slate Trigger, Trillian and more.

Musical instruments include Pearl drums, Ibanez SR750 bass, Hughes and Kettner bass amplification, Fender Squier Tele, Vox guitar amplification are Yamaha acoustic guitar are also available.

Our photography studios are designed to fulfil any photographer’s requirements. The studios are fully-fitted with electronic flash lighting, backdrops, with access to a range of stills cameras of varying formats. We have film processing facilities, darkrooms, as well as digital image editing software. The studios are utilised for a wide range of projects from individual and group portraiture, to module shoots and occasionally live action/slow motion capture.

The radio studios offer a range of dynamic spaces for producing live programmes, pre-recorded content and radio drama.

The drama studio is based around the industry specification 12 channel Audient ASP8024 mixing desk and Apollo 16 audio interface. Students are able to choose between using professional standard Pro-Tools or Adobe Audition software to produce audio for broadcast. Attached to the drama studio are two acoustically treated spaces; the live room and a dead room, giving optimal flexibility in content production.

With access to an array of professional quality microphones and expert support available through the University of Lincoln’s Media Loans and learning advisors, there is a wealth of industry experience which can help students to develop a solid foundation on which to grow and develop their skills.

The two main studios for live radio production are equipped with Sonifex desks and fitted with the industry standard Myriad playout system.

The University is home to Siren Radio, a community radio station set up by university staff in 2007. It attracts volunteers from both the local and academic communities of Lincoln, and offers a range opportunities for students to participate in community radio production and creation. Radio students play a key role in the programming on Siren, and operate the Alice Air 2000 desks with Myriad playout system as they plan and present their own live shows, as well as outside broadcast using i-Rig Pre and Glensound OB equipment.

Studio 1

  • Size: 2,527 Sq Ft
  • Audience Capacity: 135

This studio is permanently equipped with:

  • 4 Ikegami HDK79 EX 3, High Definition 1080i studio cameras with Fujinon XA20sx 8.5 BRM-K1
  • 1: 1.8/ 8.5-170mm Lens on Vinton Pro Peds with one on a Cinekinetic Mcjib. Two of the studio pedestals have autocue fitted.
  • White/ Black CYC curtains cover 3 sides of the studio and Blue Chroma Key covers one third.
  • A FOR-A Digital Video Switcher, Hanabi 2ME plus 2 Channel HD DVE digital vision mixing, with Datavideo CG350 software for graphics through a BlackMagic Decklink card, recorded on Grass Valley T2 iDDR HD 4:2:2 Recorder/player (1 Record 2 playback) 2 Machines.
  • Monitoring is through a FOR-A MV1600HS Multiviewer, viewed on 2 x 46inch LCD Screens. Referencing is done through an Ikegami 24inch reference monitor with BlackMagic Digiscope.
  • The sound desk is a Soundcraft Spirit Live 4-24 channel. 6 Sony WRT-822 radio mics are available along with CD and Computer play out.
  • The extensive studio lighting is split between LED and Tungsten lights. Lighting is onStrandtracking with 2k and 1k Strand Fresnel lights; Soft lights are 2x1ft LED Chroma Q battens on pantographs (8 pantographs) and CYC lighting is a combination of 6ft and 1ft Chroma Q battens. The lights are controlled through a Jands Vista T2 Desk.
  • The studio is wired to the broadband computer network where a wide range of audio and video software connectivity is possible. It also has connections to a server to supply footage directly to the Avid edit suits.

Studio 2

  • Size: 750 Sq Ft

This studio is equipped with:

  • 3 Sony DXD30WSPL 16:9 switchable cameras with Fuji 16x lenses. Autocue is available.
  • A Sony DVS2000C vision mixer complimented by an Inscriber CG Extreme graphics system.
  • A soundcraft Spirit Live 4-24 channel sound desk.
  • 4 x Sony WRT-822 radio mics are available along with CD and computer play out.
  • Studio lighting split between LED and Tungsten lights and controlled through a Jands Vista i3 desk.
  • A wired connection to the broadband computer network where a wide range of audio and video software connectivity is possible. It also has connections to other facilities via an SDI harness, which can be linked to our extensive communications system.

The Parlour


The Parlour is our latest facility which provides colour correction, creative compositing and image repair in an inviting and creative space. It is equipped with high-spec Mac Pros, high-grade monitors and tangent panel control surfaces. Software includes Autodesk FLAME and DaVinci Resolve.

Post Production Finishing is an all-encompassing term which covers a large range of picture based operations, many are creative, some are highly technical, but all are now very much in use within the film and television sectors. It is what makes the difference between incomplete, inferior visual productions and professionally acceptable work. Creativity and innovation starts and ends inside such a room, with many picture based projects requiring more complex editing, compositing and manipulation than a standard editing suite can provide.

The Parlour gives those students who are looking towards this area the opportunity to learn the software and become fully adept during their studies (at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels). The Parlour has opened up new possibilities for research based projects, particularly at MA level. The School also has links with industry figures and companies like Autodesk and Blackmagic.

The room is dedicated to a former student and has been named the Keilan Braithwaite Suite. The Parlour is also available for outside hire and has already been used for several independent film productions.

The Media and Broadcast Production Centre offers non-linear digital post-production for HD Video Editing. There are 18 video editing suites, each with 8TB storage and 32GB RAM. These HD editing suites feature Avid Media Composer V8, Adobe Premiere CC, DaVinci Resolve and a range of other software. We offer full HD shooting and editing, using Panasonic AVcHD, Canon C100 and Sony FS100 cameras. We also have a high-end finishing and grading suite called The Parlour, which offers Autodesk SMOKE, FLAME and DaVinci Resolve.

Siren Radio is our community station based at the Brayford Pool Campus, which is licensed by OFCOM and broadcasts all year around offering opportunities for students to get involved in creating content and hosting segments. 

The University broadcast radio 24/7/365 in Lincoln as Siren FM, the local Community Radio Station, also available online.