Arts Research

College of Arts Research Centres and Groups

Research is central to the College’s mission. The establishment of sound infrastructures that both sustain individual excellence and promote a vigorous research culture is an integral aspect of the College’s overarching research strategy.

Of primary concern is active professional practice and engaged research within the context of relevant local, national, and international partnerships.

The College is committed to realising the University’s wider ambition of producing purposeful, impactful research across the arts and humanities. Our research takes a number of different forms, and alongside traditional academic approaches we also have strength in practice-based research.

The five Schools that comprise the College are the engine of our creative research economy. Each holds regular seminar programmes which bring scholars from other institutions into the University and provide a context within which staff and research students can meet regularly.

Alongside these discipline-focused endeavours, the College also contributes to a number of inter-disciplinary research groups with a University-wide focus.

Research lies at the heart of the College’s ambitions. Please use the links below to explore the different Schools and the many different areas of research in which our staff are currently engaged.