The University of Lincoln’s city centre campus provides a modern learning environment for our students. Our Brayford Pool Campus has facilities designed for the subject-specific needs of our students. Science students can access specialist equipment and cutting-edge laboratories at our Science and Innovation Park.

Joseph Banks Laboratories

The School of Chemistry is housed in the University’s Joseph Banks Laboratories where students have access to high-specification instrumentation for spectroscopy, diffraction, imaging and separation science. The facility is part of a multimillion pound investment and forms part of a Science and Innovation Park. You can have opportunities to develop expertise with these facilities throughout your studies, including nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry, chromatography, electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. Students in the School of Chemistry can have access to:

  • Specialist structural and spectroscopy facilities for bespoke crystal engineering and molecular synthesis for the study and characterisation of molecular architectures.
  • Fully-equipped materials laboratories for investigation and manipulation of molecular and nanomaterials.
  • The Integrated Analytical Centre, which houses state-of-the-art instrumentation for high-throughout automated molecular nano, micro and macro analysis.
  • Computer Aided Design facilities for 3D molecular and materials modelling.
  • Teaching and learning spaces, including lecture theatres, seminar rooms, laboratories and group and individual learning settings and site visits to specialist centres.

You can find out more about how Joseph Banks Laboratories supports Commercial needs with our industry partners, and how we welcome more industry engagement, in the JBL Science website.

Science Building

Study will also take place in the purpose-built Science Building, which offers specialist laboratories and teaching spaces and was fully refitted in 2015. This building contains large chemistry teaching laboratories fitted with integrated fumehoods for advanced chemistry practicals and a dedicated analytical suite. Our courses aim to offer more laboratory hours and extensive access to industry-standard equipment.

Scene of Crime House

A ‘scene of crime’ house used by students, and police professionals, is located at our Riseholme campus for training in crime scene examination and management. The complex is used by students on the Forensic programmes to develop skills in a range of indoor and outdoor scenarios. Rooms are configured to mimic a range of domestic incidents, including burglaries and drugs raids, which students analyse while being assessed by academics via CCTV. Riseholme is situated three miles outside of Lincoln. Where a module or field study taking place at this campus is an essential part of the course, transport for students is provided.