School of Chemistry Staff

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Dr Aleksandar Radu Associate Professor in Analytical Chemistry
Miss Amy Robinson Project Coordinator
Dr Andrea Floris Senior Lecturer
Miss Angela Abraham Research Assistant
Dr Arunabhiram Chutia Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Mr Bruno D'Aguanno Visiting Professor
Miss Cassandra Whelan Administrator
Mr Connor Summerfield Associate Demonstrator
Miss Daisy Gray Associate Demonstrator
Mr Dan Matthews Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science
Mrs Emma Jones Administrator
Mr Faruk Mayere Associate Demonstrator
Dr Filipe Marques Mota Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr Gareth Lloyd Associate Professor in Chemistry
Dr Graham Pattison Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr Guanjie He Associate Lecturer
Dr Guzman Gil-Ramirez Senior Lecturer
Dr Hanieh Yaghootkar Senior Lecturer in Precision Health/ Biosciences
Dr Hilary Hamnett Associate Professor in Forensic Science / Programme Leader
Dr Holly Roebuck Project Coordinator
Prof Ian Scowen Head of School of Chemistry
Miss Jana Kollarova Associate Lecturer
Dr Jason England Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Miss Jessica Perry Associate Demonstrator
Dr Jiaguang Zhang Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr Jose Gonzalez-Rodriguez Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Mrs Justine Shanahan Senior Teacher Practitioner in Crime Scene Science
Mrs Kristine Gulley Clerical Assistant
Dr Lingcong Meng Associate Lecturer
Dr Lorna Irish Visiting Researcher
Dr Louis Adriaenssens Associate Lecturer
Dr Mark Baron Associate Professor
Dr Martin Lear Associate Professor
Dr Mathieu Elie Associate Lecturer
Dr Matthew Thornton Commercial Manager
Dr Nicholas Gathergood Associate Professor in Chemistry
Dr Nick Riess Senior Project Scientist
Dr Nitin Seetohul Senior Lecturer in Forensic Toxicology
Dr Pankaj Kumar Postdoctoral Research Associate - Synthetic Chemistry
Dr Patrick Pang Instrument Scientist
Dr Peter Eaton Instrument Scientist (Electron Microscopy)
Dr Rob McElroy Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Chemistry
Dr Robert Johnson Associate Lecturer
Dr Sasitaran Iyavoo Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science
Dr Saul Hunter Lecturer in Chemistry
Mrs Sharon Hutchinson School Administration Manager
Dr Souvik Roy Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr Stefan Wuttke Visiting Professor
Dr Steve Prior Senior Instrument Scientist
Dr Subramanian Govindan Visiting Fellow
Dr Sumit Konar Senior Instrument Scientist
Dr Sunanda Sain Research Assistant - Chemistry
Prof Tasnim Munshi Head of School of Chemistry
Dr Timea Palmai-Pallag Associate Lecturer
Mr Tom Doughty Associate Demonstrator
Prof Yousef Ghorbani Associate Professor in Materials Chemistry