Politics, International Relations and Social Policy

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Have you ever wondered how we could attempt to solve global issues such as homelessness, as well as the complexities surrounding these challenges? Understanding the driving forces behind complex topics such as homelessness, inequality, war, poverty, along with the policy responses to these, is at the heart of social policy, international relations, and politics.

At Lincoln, we offer an array of degrees that span these interrelated fields. They have been designed to produce confident and skilled graduates who possess the ability to tackle the issues of today, strengthen global relations, and gain insight into the way social issues and policies impact us all.

Did You Know?

Some of these courses offer an option to study abroad. If eligible, this opportunity will allow you to experience your subject from a new perspective and explore different cultures and societies.

Social Policy Related Courses

Social Policy and Sociology allows you to engage in research-led teaching and gain insight into innovative academic theories and practices. You can draw upon the expertise of our academic team who are research-active in their fields. Your first year will provide a platform to build your knowledge base, by exploring key social science concepts, social issues, and social justice. As the course progresses, specialist modules are designed to help you advance your discipline-specific knowledge. 

An exploration of core concepts and influential thinkers will form the basis of your first year studying Sociology.Building on this theoretical grounding, you can advance your understanding of the value and methodologies of academic research. Your second and third year of study will provide an opportunity to refine your research skills and data analysis techniques alongside key areas of research including the sociological study of cities, or intergenerational dynamics and politics. You can also shape your learning around your own interests by choosing from a range of optional modules. 

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International Relations Related Courses

International Relations and Politics provides an opportunity to explore key themes on British government and global politics and the concepts that underpin the disciplines of politics and international relations. As the course progresses, you can explore theoretical foundations of the subject, and choose from an array of optional modules that help you match your preferences depending on your career aspirations. 

Lincoln’s International Relations and Social Policy degree explores a range of social science disciplines to understand how international relationships are formed and the impact they have on social policies and the way people live their lives. A diverse range of topics including intelligence and national security, human rights, and war crimes can be expanded on in your final year with an independent research study on an area of your choice.

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Politics Related Courses

If you’d like to learn how to tackle a range of global challenges, Politics and Social Policy can help you to develop your transferable research and analytical skills from your very first year of study. During your second and third years, core themes encompass British politics, political theory, and the policy process. You can also tailor your degree by selecting from a variety of optional modules covering related disciplines. 

Politics and Sociology offers provides an opportunity to consider the impact of major social changes and the development of policies to deal with these challenges. You can gain an understanding of the breadth of topics encompassed under the political agenda with key first- and second-year themes including the relationship between domestic and international politics, the history of sociology, and the British political system. Your final year will investigate counterterrorism, analysis of policy processes, and the contemporary principles of a global civil society.  

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