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Through investigating the nature of patterns, particles, and distant galaxies, the fields of astrophysics, mathematics, and physics help us to better understand the world around us. 

Our research-informed degrees are designed to provide a fundamental education in these interrelated fields, and we aim to provide a friendly, approachable culture in which students can learn. You will be encouraged to apply your imagination, creativity, and rigour to the solution of various problems in these areas.  

Did You Know?

The University's Isaac Newton Building is home to the School of Mathematics and Physics, where students have access to scientific laboratories and workshops, as well as specialist facilities and advanced research equipment.

Integrated Master's Programmes

We also offer integrated Master's programmes in Physics with Astrophysics, Mathematics, and Physics.

Each of these courses are four years in length and combine undergraduate and postgraduate study that allows you to gain an advanced technical knowledge in your field, whether you plan to work in industry or academia.

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