Principles of Product Development (inc Labelling)

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Course Overview

This course is designed to assess the underpinning knowledge of delegates for understanding the principles of product development and labelling in food and drink. Delegates will be given up to date information on market research methods and can investigate the development process at various stages. Up to date information will also be provided on labelling legislation as well as a range of practical examples embedded within the course. Delegates may wish, by prior arrangement, to bring in their own labels as examples on the course.

NPD or process NPD staff can further their training in specific areas of product development and are provided with the opportunity to: Understand how to obtain and use market research in product development, understand how to develop test samples, understand how to manage production trials, understand how to evaluate the outcome of production trial, understand how to develop product specifications.

Course Dates

available upon request




This course will cover the whole development process from idea generation through formulation and consumer research and on to issues arising during production scale- up. It offers delegates the opportunity to work in groups to generate their own product ideas as well as to have the hands-on experience of developing, and costing a product, calculating its nutritional composition and evaluating any potential nutritional claims.


This one day course is delivered on site at The National Centre for Food Manufacturing, Holbeach and can also be delivered on business premises.


Certificate of attendance.