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Key Information

Course Dates:

Commences 5 October 2022 until 7 December 2022, every Wednesday and delivered online. 



Open to funded and self-funding applicants dependant on availability


30 credits at level 7


Brayford Pool Campus, Lincoln

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Course Overview

The aim of this course is to further develop healthcare practitioners’ skills and knowledge relating to the specific issues inherent in clinical decision-making, organisation and escalation when working with children and young people and their families. This module explores the fundamental and key aspects of assessing, managing and treating children and young people who present to a range of primary and acute healthcare settings.

Course Dates

Commences 5 October 2022 until 7 December 2022, every Wednesday and delivered online. 



Open to funded and self-funding applicants dependant on availability


30 credits at level 7


The syllabus will typically include the following:

  • Normal child development: physically, socially, cognitively and behaviourally
  • Structured approach to assessment, disease recognition and management
  • Recognition, management, stabilisation, and transfer of an acutely ill / injured child
  • Ethical, legal and professional issues (consent, confidentiality)
  • Safeguarding
  • First aid and accident prevention
  • Child and young person’s mental health
  • Long term conditions and complex needs
  • Paediatric pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • Global health and cultural competence
  • Quality improvement methodologies in decision-making and safety management
  • Ethical decision-making, clinical judgement
  • Personal and professional development

Entry Requirements and Pre-Course information

Professional registration and 2 years post registration experience in a relevant healthcare setting.

You should be currently working in a healthcare setting where you are assessing and managing children and young people.

How to apply

To apply, please click on the 'Apply Now' button at the top of the page for your desired level. You will need to register to our online application system, OneUni, and start dates will be list on the following page.

Please ensure you are applying for the right course and have gained managerial consent prior to application.

Please note: All communications will be via email, to 'place of work' email addresses provided.


The course is 10 weeks in duration, 1 day per week.


Level 7

  • OSCE; Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE): you will be expected to respond appropriately in a series of mock clinical situations. You will be asked to systematically assess, manage and escalate your findings within the context of your own personal and professional scope of practice and using best evidence to support your clinical decision-making and rationale.
  • Case study reflections; you will be expected to draw together your experiences as a learner by providing 5 different structured reflective accounts on your own clinical practice. You will be asked to include certain relevant clinical information to support and augment your writing. Each account will be word limited. Guidance will be given throughout the module to enable you to critically and constructively reflect on your own personal and professional learning journey.

Prior to application you must ensure that you have been approved for funding via your Trust or workplace internal process. Application to the course does not indicate allocation of a place and we would check this separately with your employer.