Food Insights and Sustainability

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Course Overview

This one half day course provides an overview of current issues in the food and beverage system that are going to transform business practices. The focus of this short course is applying the sustainability and circular economy sciences in food and beverage businesses.

Making Sure Resources in Your Business Are Utilised More Effectively.

All business practice must start by understanding your consumer and today’s consumers are asking far more of our food and beverage companies. These demands include no plastic packaging, net zero greenhouse gas emissions, healthier indulgent foods, and they must align with the quality, environmental, and safety systems we are already working with.

We Must Do More; and We Need to Eat, Drink and Be Ready.

This course aims to enable you to be more innovative in strategy rather than following the media and innovate your own agenda so that responses are creative rather than reactive. This is a contrary and puzzling arena at times. The demands for greater safety but less packaged; or, more diverse produce but with less food miles; or even, greater quality but lower price, trade off place increased pressures on businesses in a world dominated by consumer and social media.


How to Measure Sustainability

As well as describing the established LCA and resource footprint methods we will show you how to work out resource and carbon footprinting of your products. Measuring sustainability and circular economy depends on data and we will show you how to access databases that can help you to guide businesses so that they can make claims associated with sustainable actions.

"If you can’t measure, you can’t manage. We know you can manage but we will show you new ways of measuring."

Mapping Resource Flows for Business Sustainability

Understanding supply chains and where location data can be obtained will transform how claims of sustainability, provenance, or circular economy are made. We will show you how these approaches can be used for distribution, wholesale, and storage operations.

"If you know where everything is, you need to know where it is going. We know you know this, but we will show you knowing how it is used can transform your practice."

Communicating Sustainability

Understanding media and cues that will be of interest to your consumers is as important as the claim. We will show you how to develop key messages for your business and direct you to databases that can transform business practice.

"If you can’t communicate with your customer, it is not only sustainability that will not work."


This half day course is delivered on site at The National Centre for Food Manufacturing, Holbeach and can also be delivered on business premises.


There is no assessment for this course but an NCFM certificate of attendance will be issued.