School of Computer Science Staff

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Dr Alasdair Winter Optima Research Associate
Mr Alex Elias Associate Demonstrator
Mr Alex Thumwood Associate Demonstrator
Dr Alexandr Klimchik Associate Professor in Robotics
Robotic manipulation
Mrs Anna Widdowson Administrator
Dr Athanasios Polydoros Senior Lecturer in Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Dr Bashir Al-Diri Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Computer Vision
Mr Benjamin Allison Associate Demonstrator
Brian Imrie
Mr Cameron Khan Associate Demonstrator
Miss Carla Taylor-Rutterford Associate Demonstrator
Dr Charles Fox Senior Lecturer in Computer Science / Programme Leader
Robotics, pattern recognition, agricultural automation
Mr Chris Waltham Senior Electronics Design Engineer
Embedded Control Systems, Software Development and Related Mechanical Solutions
Dr Christos Frantzidis Senior Lecturer - Computer Science
Christos focuses on the use of contemporary mathematical tools derived from network neuroscience to investigate the cortical functional connectivity during resting state and sleep. His latest research activities involve rehabilitation through artificial gravity and multi-modal language mapping.
Dr Chunmei Qing Visiting Researcher
Mr Craig Green Lecturer in Games/HCI
Communication Design, Performance Technologies, Emergent Narrative, Procedural Content Generation, Video Games, and Serious Games.
Miss Danni Threlfall Lecturer in Games Computing
Mr Danny Rollitt Projects and Defence Contracts Coordinator
Improving systems & processes
Mrs Deema Abdal Hafeth Associate Demonstrator
Dr Derek Foster Deputy Head of School of Computer Science
Cloud Computing and IoT.
Mr Ezechukwu Nwokedi Associate Lecturer
Dr Farhan Riaz Senior Lecturer in Computer Science (Imaging-Vision)
Mr Fathi Fares Associate Demonstrator
Dr Federico Castagna Post Doctoral Research Associate in Explainable AI
Miss Florence Noble Computing Technician
Mr Francesco Del Duchetto Lecturer in Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Human-Robot Interaction, Machine Learning, Long-Term Autonomy.
Mr George Onoufriou Associate Demonstrator
Gik Hong Yeap
Mr Hamid Isakhani Visiting Researcher
Mr Harrison Leitch Associate Demonstrator
Dr Helen Harman Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence
Applied AI, Human-Robot collaboration, multi-agent task allocation, intention recognition and robot task planning.
Dr Heriberto Cuayahuitl Portilla Senior Lecturer
machine intelligence, dialogue systems, conversational robots
Mr Ibrahim Hroob Associate Lecturer
Mr Ionut Moraru Post Doctoral Research Associate in Explainable AI
Ivy Beh
Mr Jack Stevenson Associate Demonstrator
Mr Jacob Vause Associate Demonstrator
Dr James Brown Associate Professor in Computer Science (Imaging-Vision) / Prog Leader
Computer-aided diagnosis, biomedical image registration/segmentation, shape modelling, deep learning
Mr James Wingate Lecturer in Computer Science
Machine/Deep Learning, Transparency, Explainability. Medical Imaging Analysis
Mr Jason Burgon Technician
Mr Jiannan Zhao Visiting Researcher
Dr John Atanbori Lecturer in Computer Science
Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine learning and Plant Image Analysis
Dr Jonathan Cox Postdoctoral Research Associate in Robotics Control and Vision Systems
Mr Joshua McKone Associate Demonstrator
Joshua Thomas
Mr Kai Armstrong Associate Lecturer
Dr Kamaran Fathulla Senior Lecturer in Industrial Digitalisation
Miss Karoline Heiwolt Associate Demonstrator
Miss Kate Gilligan Administrator
Dr Khaled Bachour Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader (Games Computing)
Miss Kimberley Bird Associate Demonstrator
Mrs Lamia Rateb Administrator
Lee Ooi Tan
Dr Lei Zhang Senior Lecturer in Computer Science (Imaging-Vision)
Computer Vision, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Object detection and tracking, behavioural analysis, Medical image processing and analysis, Image segmentation.
Mr Liam Mason Associate Lecturer
Mrs Lisa Jacobs Associate Demonstrator
Dr Luiz Araujo Lecturer in Computer Science
Miss Madeleine Darbyshire Associate Lecturer
Dr Maged Habib Honorary Lecturer
Mrs Mamatha Thota Associate Demonstrator
Mr Manigandan Sivalingam Associate Demonstrator
Prof Marc Hanheide Professor of Intelligent Robotics & Interactive Systems
robotics, artificial intelligence, human-robot interaction
Dr Mark Doughty Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Computer science, cultural and social computing, programming
Dr Matthew Story Post Doctoral Research Associate in Human-Robot Interaction
Melissa Moey
Dr Miao Yu Senior Lecturer in Computer Science (Machine Learning)
machine learning, statistical signal processing, image/video processing, knowledge extraction&modelling;
Dr Michela Esposito Senior Lecturer
Radiation detectors, Proton therapy, Particle imaging
Dr Moazzam Jawaid Postdoctoral Research Associate in Biomedical Image Analysis
Dr Mohammed Al-Khafajiy Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Cloud/Fog computing, cognitive computing, parallel and distributed computing, big data mining, and embedded systems.
Ms Mowda Abdalla Associate Demonstrator
Dr Mubeen Ghafoor Senior Lecturer
Miss Nichola Smith School Administration Manager
Dr Nicola Bellotto Visiting Professor of Robotics
Machine perception, mobile robotics and intelligent systems
Prof Nigel Allinson MBE Distinguished Professor of Image Engineering
Imaging Technology, image sensors and systems, medical imaging
Mx Oakleigh Weekes Associate Demonstrator
Dr Olivier Schockmel-Szymanezyk Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Games Development, Agent Based System, Navigation Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Crowd Simulation
Mr Ollie Grooby Software Engineer
Mr Onis Brown Associate Demonstrator
Dr Patrick Dickinson Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Virtual Reality, Games, HCI
Dr Paul Baxter Senior Lecturer in Computer Science (Autonomous Systems)
Cognitive Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Social Robotics
Dr Petra Bosilj Senior Lecturer in Computer Science (Imaging/Vision)
Computer and Robotic Vision; Image Processing; Mathematical Morphology
Mr Phil Lord Associate Demonstrator
Mr Philip Carlisle Senior Lecturer in Computer Science (Games Computing) / Programme Lead
Games, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision
Mr Qingbing Fu Honorary Research Fellow
Mr Rajitha De Silva Associate Lecturer
Dr Renata Ntelia Lecturer in Games
Experimental game design, HCI, player experience, phenomenology, feminist and queer theory.
Dr Riccardo Polvara Lecturer in Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Long-term Autonomy, Navigation under Uncertainty, Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning
Miss Roopika Ravikanna Associate Demonstrator
Mr Sachin Jagotra Associate Demonstrator
Dr Saeid Pourroostaei Ardakani Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Internet of Things; Big Data Analysis; Distributed and Collaborative Computing; Sensory Systems; Educational Technology
Dr Sariah Mghames Post Doctoral Research Associate in Robotics and AI
ML-based motion planning, Optimization, Machine learning & Predictive Models, Control Systems, Variable stiffness parallel mechanisms
Dr Shyamala C Doraisamy Visiting Scholar
Prof Simon Parsons Head of School of Computer Science / Global Professor
Simon's research interests are in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Within that field, his is currently interested in: data-backed decision making; explainable artificial intelligence; market-based systems; and mobile robotics. At Lincoln, he is particularly focusing on the applications of these techniques in agriculture and medicine.
Prof Stefanos Kollias Founding Professor of Machine Learning
Dr Steven Paget Military Programmes Director/Programme Leader
Professional military education, military studies, multinational cooperation and interoperability, aviation, maritime, history, international relations and international security.
Prof. Tom Duckett Visiting Professor
Robotics and autonomous systems, AI, machine perception, robotic mapping, long-term autonomy.
Dr Vassilis Cutsuridis Senior Lecturer in Computer Science/Programme Leader
Computational Neuroscience, Machine Learning, Biosignal Analysis, Cognitive Systems
Mr Wayne Andrews Associate Lecturer
Dr Wenting Duan Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Computer Vision and Image Processing
Winnie Ooi Li Win
Dr Xueyan Zhang Visiting Researcher
Prof Xujiong Ye Professor of Medical Imaging & Computer Vision / Director of Research
Medical Image Analysis; Computer Aided Detection and Segmentation; Multimodal Brain Image Analysis; and Computer Vision
Mrs Yvonne James Senior Lecturer in Computer Science (Cyber) & Programme Leader
Cyber Security and Computer Networking