School of Social and Political Sciences Staff

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Prof Abigail Powell Professor of Sociology and Social Policy
Gender, equity, young people, Sociology of work, financial wellbeing and inclusion, evaluation, research methods
Dr Adam Formby Senior Lecturer in Social Policy/Programme Leader
Young people, social policy, sociology of work, evaluation, research methods
Dr Adele Langlois Associate Professor
International Relations (global health ethics)
Dr Aideen O'Shaughnessy Lecturer in Sociology
Feminism, Gender, Sexuality, Reproduction, Social Justice, New Social Movements, Emotion, Affect and Embodiment.
Mr Alan Harrop Associate Lecturer
Dr Alexander Oaten Senior Lecturer
Suicide prevention, critical suicide studies, penology and penal policy, surveillance technologies, victimology
Miss Amy Gibbons Associate Lecturer
Dr Ana Jordan Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Gender and Politics, Political Sociology, Masculinities, Men's Movements, Fathers' Rights Groups, Gender-based Violence on Campus
Dr Andrew Defty Associate Professor/Programme Leader
Mrs Anna Jackson Senior Administrator / PA
Prof Anna Tarrant Professor of Sociology / Programme Leader
Cocreation and Coproduction; Fatherhood; Young Parenthood; Kinship Care; Lifecourse; Gender equality; Poverty; Qualitative longitudinal methodology; Qualitative Secondary Analysis
Dr Anthony Ellis Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Violence and Violent Crime; Weapon-enabled crime; Homicide; Criminological Theory, particularly Social Harm, Ultra-Realist, Bio and Psycho Social theories of crime.
Dr Aris Trantidis Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Politics
Aris Trantidis currently studies climate politics and institutions. Central to his research is the question of democratic reform at the age of climate crisis, shifting the focus from climate policy to climate institutions and also prompting a broader rethinking of democratic institutions at an age of recurrent crises. Dr Trantidis is also finishing a project on democratic resilience under the stresses of populism and authoritarianism. His research also focuses on three thematic areas: a) the interplay between politics and economic policy, b) political institutions, democratic representation and the pathologies of the political process, with emphasis on issues of gender and minority representation and voice, and c) the feedback between economics as a discipline and economic policy as practice. He has a methodologically diverse research agenda, with conceptual and empirically grounded contributions to theory.
Dr Baris Cayli Messina Associate Professor of Criminology
critical criminology; historical sociology; comparative social research; historical criminology; violence and society; the sociology of conflict; organised crime; antimafia movements; gender, crime, and justice; social movements; modern Italy; Ottoman Empire; Turkey and the Middle East; qualitative and quantitative research methods
Mr Ben Handysides Research Administrator
Dr Ben Kisby Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
British politics, public policy, citizenship education
Mr Benjamin Hookway Research Assistant
Mrs Brittany Fox-Tomlinson Associate Lecturer
Dr Carina O'Reilly Deputy Head of School/ Programme Leader
Carina is a specialist in neighbourhood policing and community engagement, and evidence-based policing.
Dr Casmir Maazure Associate Lecturer
Prof Christian Karner Professor of Sociology / Programme Leader
Political sociology, especially within the areas of nationalism- and ethnicity studies; urban pluralism; memory studies; Central European studies (with particular reference to Austria); the sociology of globalization.
Dr Danilo Freire Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Public services provision, accountability, state violence, private governance, organised crime, and quantitative methods.
Dr David Hughes Senior Lecturer in International Relations/ MA Programme Leader
Covid-19; propaganda; psychological warfare; US imperialism; 9/11; Marxism
Ms Dena Arya Associate Lecturer
Dr Edwin Bacon Associate Professor
Comparative politics, particularly Russian politics. Applied politics.
Mrs Elena Gaschino Lecturer in Criminology
Dr Gabriel Cepaluni Senior Lecturer in Social and Public Policy
Prof Gary Rawnsley Head of School of Social and Political Sciences
Public and cultural diplomacy; soft power; propaganda; democratisation and the media; and international broadcasting; East Asia, especially Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Vietnam.
Miss Georgie Horner Lecturer in Criminology
Dr Hamoon Khelghat-Doost Lecturer in International Relations
Dr Henry Price Lecturer in Sociology
Mrs Jade Perrett Administrator
Dr James Pattison Research Fellow
Urban sociology; territorial stigma; deindustrialisation; work and employment; migration; race/class identities and political subjectivities; ethnography
Dr Jane Harrold Senior Lecturer in Strategic Studies
The evolution of European security and defence policy and organisations; international security institutions; 20th Century International History and Naval History; the history of naval officer training and naval education; the history of BRNC.
Dr Jasper Miles Lecturer in Politics
Dr Joshua Skoczylis Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Counter-Terrorism Studies
Counter-Terrorism Policy, Policing, Countering Violence Extremism, Public Policy and Magistrates' Court
Dr Kate Gilchrist Lecturer in Gender Studies
Ms Kate Payne Administrator
Miss Kathryn Brookfield Associate Lecturer
Dr Laura Way Research Fellow in Family Research
Ageing and gender; qualitative methods; subcultures; punk; creative methods; participatory methods; punk pedagogies.
Dr Lauren Hall Lecturer in Criminology
Desistance; Communities; Recovery from addiction; Strengths-based approaches; Relationships; Identity; Social Networks and Capital; Gender
Dr Linzi Ladlow Research Fellow in Family Research
Young parenthood, youth transitions, housing, disadvantage, qualitative longitudinal research methods.
Dr Luke Turnock Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Drugs; Steroids and IPEDs; youth subcultures; masculinities; gender and fitness training; policy
Dr Lyndsey Harris College Director of Academic Quality and Standards
Domestic Abuse: including multi-agency partnership working; improving services for survivors experiencing multiple disadvantage; criminal justice responses and integrated offender management. Terrorism and Political Violence: Loyalist Paramilitarism; Misogynistic terrorism, Right wing extremism. Creative qualitative research methodologies: Feminist informed research methods.
Dr Maria Alfaro-Simmonds Research Associate: Children as Changemakers
Dr Marianna Charountaki Senior Lecturer in International Politics
International Relations, Non-State Actors, Foreign Policy Analysis, international relations of the Middle East, Iraqi politics, EU- Kurdish relations, US foreign policy, Kurdish politics, Turkish-Iranian foreign policies, GCC- Kurdish relations.
Dr Mark Bennister Associate Professor of Politics/Director of The Lincoln Policy Hub
Political leadership, Parliament; British Politics, Comparative Politics
Dr Mike Slaven Senior Lecturer in International Politics/Programme Leader
security politics, immigration, securitization, UK politics, US politics, qualitative methods, irregular migration
Dr Nick Cowen Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Criminal justice and political economy
Miss Nicki Pierce Qualitative Research Assistant
Dr Rachela Colosi Senior Lecturer
Sexualities; Gender; Sex Work; Ethnography; Sociology; Crime and Deviance
Mr Ric Metcalfe Associate Lecturer
Prof Rico Isaacs Professor of International Politics
Authoritarianism, Nationalism Studies, Populism, Ecologism, post-Soviet politics, Central Asia and Political Theory
Miss Ruth Sellin Associate Lecturer
Mr Sam Andrews Lecturer in Criminology
Gender and political violence; Terrorism
Prof Sam Hillyard Professor of Sociology
Rural sociology
Dr Samantha Shave Senior Lecturer in Social Policy
Social policies; Social policy concepts and ideas; Policy making and breaking; Poor Laws; Workhouses; Poverty; Scandal
Mr Sheridan Minshull Associate Lecturer
Dr Simon Murden Senior Lecturer in Strategic Studies
Research specialisms include the contemporary world order especially the causes of conflict, Middle East Affairs, concepts of operations, and critical thinking for strategic studies. Additionally, teaching-level expertise in nineteenth and twentieth century war and warfare, the media in war, terrorism, climate change, and China.
Dr Simon Obendorf Senior Lecturer
Gender & Sexuality, LGBTQ+ Studies, Decolonialism/Postcolonialism, Critical International Relations Theory, East & SE Asian Studies.
Prof Steve McKay Distinguished Professor in Social Research
Social research; inequality; family policy; quantitative methods; social security and pensions.
Dr Sue Bond-Taylor Senior Lecturer/ Programme Leader
Youth crime prevention, youth justice, anti-social behaviour, family interventions and troubled families.
Prof Sundari Anitha Professor of Gender, Violence and Work
violence against women and girls; gender and work; gender and migration; life history methods
Dr Sureyya Sonmez Efe Senior Lecturer in International Relations
Human Rights; Ethics of migration; Cosmopolitan ethics; International Migration; Global Justice; Forced Migration; Migrants Rights; Community Cohesion; Integration Policies.
Mr Thomas Eason Associate Lecturer
British Foreign Policy, British Politics, Foreign Policy Analysis, Interpretivist Public Policy Analysis, Secret Intelligence
Miss Vicky Naylor Administrator
Dr Wesley Key Senior Lecturer
Social Policy, Social Gerontology
Dr Wesley Tourangeau Senior Lecturer in Criminology
green criminology; animal/environmental harms; critical criminology; agricultural law and regulation; socio-ecological sustainability; systems thinking; theories of power and influence; qualitative research methods
Mr Yuchen Liang MpHil/PhD student