Perception, Action and Cognition Research Group

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Life-changing Research

The Perception, Action, and Cognition Group (PAC) undertakes research in a broad range of issues including visual motion processes, emotion, memory, and the visual processing in dyslexic, autistic, and neurological populations.

Why Our Research Is Different

Psychologists in this group investigate the way that humans perceive, make sense of, and respond to our natural and social surroundings. Research topics include vision, attention, memory, emotion, reasoning, sleep, language, and motor control in both healthy and neurological populations. The group is well-equipped for a wide variety of studies including traditional psychophysics, neuropsychological testing, mobile and laboratory based eye-tracking (Tobii, Eyelink, VSG), EEG, TMS (Medtronic MagPro), functional transcranial Doppler sonography, physiological recording (BioPac), and transcranical direct current stimulation.

Understanding the human brain is one of the greatest challenges faced by modern science. Our reserach aims to gain a profound understanding into what makes us human, develop new treatments for brain disease, and build revolutionary new computing technologies. 

Our group has strong collaborative links with internal and external researchers including Lincoln's School of Life Sciences, School of Computer Science, and the Lincoln Institute of Health. Group members have secured external funding from the British Academy, EPSRC, ESRC, Nuffield Foundation, Royal Society, Home Office and Innovate UK.

Dr Patrick Bourke Senior Lecturer, Group Lead
Dr Lesley Allinson Senior Lecturer
Dr Anjuli Barber Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Matthew Craddock Senior Lecturer 
Dr Simon Durrant Senior Lecturer
Dr Tessa Flack Lecturer
Dr Julia Foecker Senior Lecturer
Dr Paul Goddard Senior Lecturer
Dr Kun Guo Professor
Dr Timothy Hodgson Professor
Dr Jon Hudson Senior Lecturer
Dr Kamila Irvine Lecturer
Dr Niko Kargas Associate Professor
Dr Robin Kramer Senior Lecturer
Dr George Mather Professor
Dr Kirsten McKenzie Senior Lecturer
Dr Kirsty Miller Associate Professor
Dr Tochukwu Onwuegbusi Lecturer
Dr Kyla Pennington Senior Lecturer
Dr Petra Pollux Senior Lecturer
Dr Kay Ritchie  Senior Lecturer
Dr Tracey Thornborrow   Lecturer
Dr Garry Wilson  Associate Professor

Research PGs

Charlotte Cartledge  PhD Student / Associate Lecturer
Elizabeth Fuller PhD Student / Associate Lecturer
Jack Harry Grant  PhD Student / Associate Lecturer
Patrycja Korzeniowska  PhD Student / Associate Lecturer
Nadia Maalin PhD Student / Associate Lecturer
Neetu Mailk  PhD Student / Associate Lecturer
Sophie Mohamed PhD Student / Associate Lecturer
Lynn Pickerell  PhD Student / Associate Lecturer
Katharina Pohlmann PhD Student / Associate Lecturer
Marie Rawdon  PhD Student / Associate Lecturer
Heather Sunderland  PhD Student / Associate Lecturer
Amy West  Research Assistant
Andrei Zarie  PhD Student / Associate Lecturer

Visual Perception of Movement

Professor George Mather - Perception, Action and Cognition Research Group Member

This research tests the theory of 'action speaking louder than words' by applying vision science to social situations. Professor Mather seeks to understand how the human form affects our visual judgement of movement, leading to greater appreciation of how we interact with others.